How Bang PD Nim Protected RM And Suga After Being Scorned In A TV Show


President Bang Shihyuk and BTS have a very close relationship because they have been through many things together. Although Bang PD doesn’t show too much affection for BTS outside, Bang PD’s silent actions behind for BTS are always absolute support and protection. Here is a story that proves this between Bang PD and BTS.

If you are an ARMY, you can’t forget the incident when BTS just debuted in 2013. At that time, BTS was despised and not respected so much and especially the case of rapper B-Free. It was in a program about hip hop, when RM and Suga appeared on the show, this rapper repeatedly disparaged the two members as well as disrespected the idol world. He thought that putting on makeup to go on stage and perform like an idol is not the right thing to do for a rapper.

B-Free denigrates RM and Suga with statements like “I’ve never listened to BTS music”, “could have continued on the path to become rappers but couldn’t resist the temptation of money“, “BTS’s music is hip hop, isn’t it?”, “Going on stage and wearing makeup like a girl is called hip hop?“.

Although ARMYs later asked the rapper to apologize for the rapper’s negative attitude and impolite way of talking on a TV show and the way he attacked the two BTS members, B. -Free is still extremely arrogant and refuses to apologize. He even replied that: “If you spend more than 20 minutes just thinking about what I said, you’d better find a boyfriend”.

But not only ARMY defended BTS in that year’s situation, but even Bang PD couldn’t sit idly by when BTS was disrespected like that. According to information revealed by Palo Alto, CEO of B-Free, after the male rapper insulted BTS, Bang PD came to the office and asked to meet him. Bang PD also expressed his desire to discuss with him about the main reason why this rapper made such disparaging words towards Bang PD boys. However, the meeting did not go well because Bang PD couldn’t meet B-Free at that time because he refused to meet.

After going directly to B-Free’s company, Bang PD went back to comfort Yoongi and Namjoon by buying them delicious food. ARMYs fond Bang PD’s gentle treatment with BTS so cute and left many comments about this:

– Bang PD nim is amazing

– Bang PD is so cute

– That’s why ARMYs always refer to Bang PD as Dad Bang

– Dare to hurt my boys? kkkk you are ďệäď for sure

– Comforting Bangtan with food, it’s so cute

Meanwhile, Bang PD once shared about this incident: “I think the basic attitude of hip-hop is expressing what is inside your heart. But there is the right time and place to speak about your genuine feelings? The show was held to celebrate the one-year anniversary … Wouldn’t it have been wise if he had watched his tongue?”

This is not the only time Bang PD shows his trust and protects BTS against all scandals. Just recently Bang Shihyuk stepped down as CEO of HYBE to focus on composing music and surely soon we will hear BTS sing amazing tunes composed by Hitman Bang.