How Subtle RM Is When He Silently Dealt With “Trouble” Happened In J-hope’s Sister Wedding


All members of BTS as well as RM always praise and recognize RM’s leadership talent. He’s really a smart, decisive, mature leader with great thoughts. Here’s a story that once again has you nodding in agreement that no one can do a better job as a leader than RM and he is truly one of the most mature men in the world you know.

The story takes place at the private wedding of j-hope’s sister this summer. This year was a happy year for j-hope’s sister as she got married to the person she loves. j-hope’s sister’s private wedding was held at a restaurant in the posh Gangnam district, Seoul.

Jiwoo’s wedding attendees shared beautiful photos and videos of her wedding. The large venue is decorated with flowers, greenery and countless candles. Yellow, pink and purple tones harmonize to create a lively and extremely luxurious space. Jiwoo herself also revealed some scenes from the wedding on her Vlog.

As expected, the bride wore a beautiful wedding dress that anyone can’t take their eyes off of! The flowing lace dress and veil made Jiwoo look like a real princess.

Of course, the rest of the BTS members were invited to the wedding! The photos revealed that RM, V, and Jin were also present that day. ARMYs were very excited when they heard that Bangtan members attended the wedding and wore very handsome and dashing outfits on this occasion. However, because of the privacy of the ceremony, no HD photos of the BTS’s members were revealed

Although all information in the wedding ceremony was kept seriously secret to avoid confusion when BTS appeared. Moreover, Jiwoo is also a celebrity so she didn’t want the press to focus on her and only invited people who are really close. However, many people attending the party know the appearance of BTS, so sometimes the noise can’t be avoided. For fear of this affecting the people around, BTS leader RM made fans extremely proud when a Twitter user told about the action he did at the wedding.

Specifically, a user on Twitter shared that on the day of j-hope’s sister’s wedding, her family also held a wedding ceremony at that location. When the wedding ceremony took place, a representative of BTS came and personally apologized to her and her family, saying that BTS attended the wedding of a member’s family today, if this caused any harm. If they caused any inconvenience to her family, they would be very sorry.

The politeness of the BTS staff impressed her, but when she learned the truth behind it, she was even more moved. She was informed by the staff at the wedding venue that day that RM specifically asked his agent to apologize to her family as he really didn’t want to disturb the wedding. someone else’s wedding because of BTS’s appearance.

Even though, RM always says he’s an adult who is still immature because he can’t drive, doesn’t know how to cook and will damage things, but in society he’s a very caring and careful person. When he goes to anywhere he will only make other people have a good impression of BTS. BTS RM’s gentle and polite behavior surprised everyone. Because just a small action is enough to see his good personality and mature way of thinking.

He is such a leader that the members and fans are so proud!