In the Spirit of Christmas, BTS Jimin’s fans make donations to support victims of Typhoon Rai


The Christmas Spirit comes with feelings of love and compassion towards others, including giving to the less fortunate, providing hope, spreading love and understanding, and offering any kind of help and goodwill towards others.

It is for this reason that Jimin’s fans have come together to help in supporting some vulnerable groups that have been affected by different circumstances in different ways. This Christmas season, while most of the world is celebrating the festivities, there are other parts of the world that are not having a happy time.

Recently (December 16), Typhoon Rai, locally known as Typhoon Odette, hit the Philippines and wreaked havoc, causing widespread power outages and water shortages as well as leaving some areas completely cut off from relief teams even a week after the disaster, as reported by The Guardian. The Red Cross has described the typhoon as one of the worst to hit the country in December in five decades. Moreover, the true scale of the destruction is still unknown owing to the extensive communication cuts and damage to roads, ports, and airports. However, CNN reported that there were over 375 reported deaths with over 500 injuries and some people still missing as of December 22 and that the figures were expected to keep rising as relief and rescue efforts continued.

Jimin’s fanbase in the US has reported donations made to the American Red Cross and UNICEF USA in support of the victims of this typhoon and other disasters.

Jimin’s fans in the Philippines also initiated a donation drive titled ‘Give Love on Christmas’ as reported by his fanbase in the country. The donations raised are to aid victims in two of the provinces affected by the typhoon, and the drive will end on December 29th.

Jimin’s fans always practice compassion and spreading love and kindness as learned from their role model.

Any additional support is welcome as directed by the fanbases on how to donate towards the causes.