J-hope And RM Reveal That Mixtape Will Be Released Soon


The members of BTS are currently enjoying their long vacation with their families after returning from their schedule in the US. Meanwhile members like RM and Suga are still in the US with their own schedules. Even so, ARMYs still have signs that the members are working on the mixtape, especially j-hope and RM has revealed this

It’s been a while since RM released his Mono mixtape and j-hope released Hope World. The success of the mixtape proves the special talent and music of the members of BTS. Recently, Agust D also returned with his mixtape D-2 and achieved great success. That’s why more than ever, ARMY is looking forward to the return of Hope Word 2 and RM3 in the near future.

But perhaps, ARMY won’t have to wait much longer because RM and j-hope both show that they are preparing for their mixtape and will be released soon. Specifically this was revealed in the Keyword of the Year 2022 section of BTS’s Season Greeting. j-hope mentioned the keyword: “jhope’s new music” and he also said: “I’m working hard on the next mixtape for the 2022 release!”

In a recent Vlive, j-hope is also saying that he is working on new works and he is quite confused with the music. It seems that j-hope has prepared a lot for his upcoming mixtape next year.

Besides, like j-hope, RM also filled in the 2022 keyword: “New playlist”. And that playlist must be for his mixtape!

j-hope also responded to fan comments on Weverse that RM is working hard even while he is enjoying his vacation in the US. RM even went to recording studios in the US and showed it off to the members.

During RM’s happy birthday Vlive, he also revealed that he is working on his own music. So we’ll be hearing RM’s 3rd mixtape next year, right?

This is probably what ARMYs look forward to a lot because BTS’s music has always been somєthing magical and different. Let’s look forward to the great mixtape of the rapper line coming out next year!