J-hope’s Sister Shared How Happy She Was With An Attentive Brother During Her Vacation In Hawaii


J-hope has returned to ḳöŕệä after a few days off in LA and is in self-isolation because of the request of the ḳöŕệän government. j-hope also shared some of his special moments, while on jhope’s sister’s Instagram feed – Jiwoo also shared some photos taken by j-hope. At the same time, j-hope’s older sister also shared how wonderful j-hope was during that trip.

According to Big Hit’s announcement, BTS members including j-hope spend the second longest vacation in their career with their families. Many ARMYs previously speculated about j-hope’s family staying after the concert and hanging out with j-hope after the concert ended. And that’s really what happened!

Recently on the personal account of j-hope’s sister – Jiwoo posted photos taken in Hawaii and said that she went out with her family after a long time due to hers and her brother’s busy work. j-hope’s sister also shared pictures taken by j-hope’s mother herself.

Most especially, in the uploaded photos, there is also a black and whíte film shot that is identical to the color of the photo that j-hope posted earlier.

Jiwoo also wrote under the caption that j-hope told her that photography film is expensive but that j-hope patiently took pictures for his sister.

Not only that, but j-hope is also psychologically with her older sister by showing her how to pose beautifully and holding flowers to take pictures. Jiwoo really liked the picture that j-hope took of her and thanked j-hope for the pretty photo too.

Isn’t it great to have such a thoughtful and wonderful younger brother like j-hope? Not only is he patient, but he is also the person who makes the photos more beautiful. j-hope is so soft!

In several Instagram statuses, Jiwoo unnie shared how meaningful the trip was to her and her family. It seems that both Jiwoo unnie, j-hope and their family had a happy time together. Hope they stay healthy and happy!