Jin BTS is so cute when wearing see-through shirt

Back in 2018, BTS held a 5th debut anniversary with a large number of fans present at the studio as well as the audience watching live on V Live.
At the last performance, BTS changed costumes and went on stage in turn. When Jin stepped out, the fans suddenly shouted with excitement.
At first, Jin was confused as to why, but when he returned to the big screen behind him, he knew the reason why ARMY suddenly cheered so loudly.
Specifically, because Jin is wearing a black shirt with the highlight of the piercing on the chest, making the male god's shoulders visible.
After that, Jin couldn't hide his shyness, repeatedly pulling up his shirt to cover the penetration. Seeing him confused, more shy than the girls made ARMY cheer even louder.
Even the BTS members gathered around and teased him like this! "It's a bit dangerous for you to wear it like this" - said one of the group members