Jin Lost 4kg During ĆØVƗĐ Treatment And He Made A Request When He Saw j-hope Posted A Photo Of Hanging Out


Recently, according to Bł₲ Ⱨł₮’s announcement, Jin, RM, and SUGA have completely recovered after being treated for ĆØVƗĐ-19 at home. The members have also returned to the usual rhythm of life and are more active on social networking platforms. Today at the end of self-isolation and seeing j-hope posting pictures of hanging out, Jin commented under his post with a little jealousy and also revealed soмєтнing about him after the process of ĆØVƗĐ-19 treatment.

Today, Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ made an announcement that Jin and RM have completely recovered since having tested positive for ĆØVƗĐ-19. At the same time, the members have finished their treatment and are isolated at their homes. ARMYs have been extremely happy and waiting for this announcement from Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ since the members were infected. It’s good that our boys are back healthy.

But there is information that makes ARMY feel quite worried about Jin’s health condition after ĆØVƗĐ-19 infection. According to Bł₲ Ⱨł₮’s announcement, of the three members infected with ĆØVƗĐ-19, only Jin showed signs of a mild cold and had a low fever. But it seems that the treatment also caused him to have a change in weight.

Specifically, this morning after the end of the quarantine period, Jin took to Instagram and commented on the latest photo of j-hope taken when he was about to go out. In the comments, Jin revealed that he had ℓσѕт weight recently and wanted jhope to buy him food. Jin wrote that: “jwehope i lost 4kgs, you have to buy me a meal”

Although it is fortunate that Jin and the other members did not experience ∂αиgєяous symptoms during ĆØVƗĐ-19, it also had a significant impact on his health. Jin must really want to go out and get some fresh air after long days of ĆØVƗĐ-19 treatment. After Jin commented below j-hope’s post, he has replied to his beloved hyung that: “thats.. sad..” (Hobi played around with jins nickname and the word ‘짠한데(jwanhandeo)’ which means ‘thats sad’). Perhaps that j-hope will probably take Jin to eat delicious food and hang out during the holidays soon

Hopefully, he can eat delicious food and do the things he enjoys for the rest of his vacation. And look forward to hearing from Jin soon that he’s gained weight again!