Jin Revealed About The Job And Life He Wants To Do After Leaving The Music World


Becoming an idol is the desire of many people and even BTS when they are not famous – this is also somєthing they use their youth to pursue. But of course, when living half of a person’s life devoted to art and what belongs to the stage light, the rest of the years, artists want to live a normal life. Even Jin does. He shared about a job he wants to do when he retires in a recent interview with GQ.

Perhaps many of us have heard stories about BTS members sharing what they want to do after they are no longer active as idols. For example, V said that he would like to become a father and take his children for a walk in the park… As for Jin, he said if he has free time or after a break. retired, he will want to do farm work. Jin shared this in an interview with GQ that was recently posted.

To end a successful 2021 and welcome an even more successful 2022, GQ conducted an interview with BTS to look back on the past year. In the interview, Jin shared many things about himself during a year of working with BTS. Jin shared that over the past year, his experience working with Coldplay made him feel very interesting.

Especially during a part of the interview when the interviewer asked Jin about: “Recently, in a variety show, you talked about your beliefs about ‘rest’. A lot of people sympathized with Jin’s story. If you had a month or so of free time, how would you spend it?”

Jin then replied that he and the members don’t really seem to have as much time to rest as they thought because the longer the break, the more it makes them feel that things are not okay. Perhaps the members have worked hard for many years, besides the members are also extremely hard-working so it is understandable that they are not used to resting.

However, Jin then mentioned his thoughts: “Maybe if I took a month off, wouldn’t I be working on a song or something in between? Or maybe farming or doing something as a pastime?”

The interviewer was also quite surprised by Jin’s answer and asked again. Jin then explained that: “It’s a thought I’ve been thinking a lot lately, but when I retire later, I think it would be better to go to a quiet country village. We will have a barbeque grill on the roof and occasionally have parties, and we also set up a tent in the garden. It made me think a lot, ‘What if I could live like that?”

Perhaps like what SUGA shared, what is normal for them is extraordinary. After stepping back from the stage, Jin wishes to lead a simple and fun life in his fields. And if there really was that time, would we still love a farmer named Kim Seok Jin?