Jin Revealed The Full Story After An Old Quarrel With V And How They Made Up With Each Other


BTS members have lived together for a long time and have been through a lot together. So they are like family to each other, and now even on family vacation, they can go together. However, sometimes Kpop superstars also show their “business relationship” with petty quarrels, even humor. One of those fights was between Jin and V and the moment they both wore cute couple outfits afterwards.

Maybe we don’t need to talk about how close the 7 members are after many years of supporting each other, loving each other… and even competing with each other for no big problem. That’s why, later, when recounting those quarrels, BTS and ARMY can laugh and say that they’re lucky they didn’t have such a big issue. Besides the story of Jungkook and j-hope’s banana or Jimin and V’s dumplings, the story of Jin and V’s double shirt is also one of the most “huge” reasons why the two of them quarrel.

Back on April 23, 2017, V uploaded a selfie of himself and Jin while BTS was in Thailand for The Wings Tour… The photo of course showed V’s genius beauty, however Jin wasn’t so lucky, his expression…so funny.

mmediately after V uploaded, Jin immediately knew that the uploaded photo with his face was not beautiful and expressed his dissatisfaction, so he left a comment saying, “No…That’s more than enough”…

However, the next morning, when they appeared at the airport, people saw Jin and V wearing couple hoodies and even holding hands and chatting very much close “despite having announced their breakup” the last day

That’s why this made ARMYs very curious and an ARMY asked Jin to explain his old tweets. ARMYs asked: “What does “breaking up/ cutting ties” mean?”

After the argument, Jin also felt okay to talk about this with his own humor: “We argued a lot that who was the one to wear that outt rst and told the other to hurry to change clothes”. But as a result, they were both too stubborn to change, so their famous “couple outfit” was born! Or maybe one of them intentionally bought the same outfit as the other to reconcile?

Jin’s funny and cute moments from 2017 are still repeated by many ARMYs until now. There’s even a video that goes viral of two babies wearing similar outfits as Jin and V and ARMYs remembering the Kim brothers’ funny and adorable story.

It’s so amazing to be able to see BTS bicker over such small things and it’s even cute to see them having moments like teenage friends!