Jin’s brother Shares Connotations To Consoling Jin When He Learn That He Was Positive For ₵ØVłĐ-19


According to the latest announcement of вιg нιт, 2 more members of BTS: Jin and RM were confirmed to be positive for ₵ØVłĐ-19. Before this news, ARMY expressed more concern about their current health situation because before this news, Suga was also positive for CØVłĐ-19. Everyone also concerned about them and hope that they will be better soon. Knowing the status of ARMYs, Jin’s brother has updated a post on Instagram to comfort ARMYs.

Yesterday, вιg нιт gave an other notification about confirming that two more members of BTS received positive tests with ₵ØVłĐ-19 after undergoing a PCR test. Two days ago, Suga was tested positive for CØVłĐ-19 with any symptoms. This status is also like the situation of RM. He took PCR test before ending his self-quarantine time at home. While Jin has no positive result during his quarantine time and many days after that. But yesterday when he has some signs of flu, he took PCR test and received the result

In addition, вιg нιт also provided information that Jin and RM had implemented 2 rounds of vaccination at the end of August. At the same time, their current condition is still completely fine. Jin got a little bit fever but he still is okay and is following the instructions of the healthcare authorities. Therefore, ARMY is also less worried.

Even so, perhaps ARMYs are still feeling quite impatient. Jin’s brother also seems to know the worries of ARMYs, so he recently posted a new status line on Instargram to reαssure ARMYs. In the post, Jin’s brother said that he was a bit worried when he saw Jin, but everything is fine and will be fine. Maybe Jin’s brother wants to comfort ARMYs through this hard time.

Jinn and his brother are always close to each other. Even the name of Jin’s brother’s first child was given by Jin and the name is BTS’ most successful song ever. Jin’s brother must be worried about Jin’s health too, but so far, he’s fine, so Jin’s brother also wanted to let ARMYs know.

It’s good that they are not having many adverse health problems right now. Besides, according to research by Oregon Health & Science University, people like Suga, Jin and RM after recovering will have super antibod̾i̾e ̾s against the variants of ₵ØVłĐ-19. In addition, because they received 2 doses of the vaccine so they did not have severe symptoms, so it is essential that ARMYs receive a full vaccination against ₵ØVłĐ-19

We also had some relatives being positive for ₵ØVłĐ-19 after implementing 2 rounds of vaccination. They also have symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and cough… like when they have a common cold. They also recovered and tested negative after 1-2 weeks of treatment according to the government’s regimen. Therefore, ARMYs should also rest αssured more and wish our boys get well soon and the other BTS members are safe!

Many ARMYs also sent good wishes to members:

– Jinnie gonna become uncle soon …he must be so happy to welcome youngest at his home …he will recover soon ..we will pray for all

– They’re vaccinated. Everything should be fine. Praying for them to return to their full health soon

– Jin, rm and suga will be fine….don’t worry…we just pray that they recover quickly…

– Jin, Suga and RM are way stronger than this. We all know that. Lets just pray & hope for the better outcome!

– Jin’s brother is probably talking about Jin testing positive

– everything will be fine, hoping all their families are healthy and safe too