Jungkook BTS paints his self-portrait as a ‘hexagon with many cracks’


“Golden Maknae” answered this question in a new interview for GQ Korea magazine.

Although Jungkook has a knack for drawing realistic pictures, he chose to draw abstractions for his own hypothetical portrait.
Jungkook said that he would draw himself into a "fragment, crack, broken" hexagon.
“I always wanted to be perfect. I've always wanted to fly higher and I think I have these amazing talents but I also think I'm lazy. It's contradictory…” – Jungkook shared.
“I both wanted to continue to rise to the top and didn't want to. It is said that the hexagon is the perfect shape.
But then you add a crack and it's not perfect anymore. I want to be perfect but there will always be cracks.” – Jungkook
In terms of color, Jungkook would choose a neutral color like gray because neutral has a dual meaning. They can be anything or nothing.
BTS's multi-talented Jungkook is a true artist and extremely humble.