Jungkook Sets Social Media On Fire Because Of His Photos And Trends #1Worldwide, Especially The Moment Of Hand-Touching With ARMYs


BTS attended the 2021 αмєяι¢αn Music Awards on the 21st of November and made their entry on Red Carpet while dazzling in Louis Vuitton Menswear 2022 Collection. BTS won 3 out of 3 nominations, including Artist of the Year, Favorite Duo or Group – Pop, Favorite Pop Song, and became the first Asian Act to win Artist Of The Year Award at the AMAs.

Jungkook took social media by storm with his mesmerizing visuals, smooth moves, confident aura, and beautiful vocals at the AMAs. Fans went in a frenzy over Jungkook as ‘JEON JUNGKOOK’ trended at #1 Worldwide during the AMAs 2021.

Jungkook trended in a total of 73 countries, more than 10 keywords on Facebook, trended at Worldwide #2 again after the ending of the show with almost 2 Million mentions and became the most mentioned BTS member showing off his strong popularity.

With no surprise, Jungkook became the most tweeted person both in the U.S and Worldwide at the AMAs 2021, boasting everyone’s great interest in the world’s popular and talented idol.

Fans couldn’t stop raving about Jungkook’s stunning looks and aura at the show as they screamed his name at the Red carpet, and he replied by bowing to them. Jungkook made eye contact, touched their hands, and waved at the fans as they kept gushing over him.

The way Jungkook touches ARMYs and smiles sweetly makes anyone’s heart melt. Jungkook’s real-life beauty is a masterpiece. Jungkook has both a cool and special aura and a bright, innocent look with sparkling eyes. To be able to touch Jungkook at such a close distance is truly amazing!

Jungkook delivered a beautiful full-minute acceptance speech in English for the ‘Artist Of The Year’ Award, winning hearts with his English accent and adorable personality

кσяєαn channels are giving special highlights to Jungkook’s speeches as they are being broadcasted in all reports about BTS winning the AMA awards.

International Media also showed their love for Jungkook at the AMAs.

Winnie Harlow specially posted a picture along with only Jungkook, the caption saying: “Way too cool.”

Becky G also showed her affectionate side for Jungkook as she posed by sliding her arm around his waist on the Red carpet. Fans are loving the visuals of both of them together.

Jungkook was seen enjoying and dancing the whole night. He also twerked while practicing ‘My Universe’ with Chris Martin, which is going viral.

Many fansites of Jungkook also attended the show and shared beautiful clicks of him, where he looked cute yet hot at the same time.

Jungkook continues to trend on Twitter, currently surpαѕѕing 2.28M mentions. Meanwhile, ‘Jeon Jungkook’ is trending with over 400K mentions.