Jungkook Shared That He Usually Sleeps At 4AM Because Of This Pressure


Originally, becoming an idol is not an easy thing. Especially when standing at the peak of his career, having achievements that few people can achieve at a very young age like Jungkook, it is still a pressure. Jungkook shared about how he runs his life and how he sometimes encounters many difficulties to find a peaceful sleep.

We’ve heard many stories about BTS spending 16 hours in the practice room a day, even on vacations they spend a lot of time at work. It seems that they can hardly give themselves any real rest. But that’s what they want to do and they want to contribute. And indeed on the road to success there are no footprints of the lazy.

Even the current Jungkook, when he has achieved a lot of success that is difficult for anyone at a young age like him to have, he is always thinking hard about what needs to be done. That’s what Jungkook shared in an interview with GQ ḳöŕệä posted recently. To end the year, Jungkook sat down and talked about what happened to him this past year.

There was an interesting detail when the interviewer asked Jungkook what he wanted to bring back from äṃệŕïċä after 2 years of returning to perform at the concert. He replied that he wanted to bring: “the air of concert hall”. Jungkook must have missed the feeling of returning to the stage after a long time.

But the most special thing is that Jungkook shared about how he used to go to bed at 4am recently. He started by talking about how at 2am is the time when he feels the most confused because he doesn’t know if he should go to sleep or what to do and it is not until 4am that he can’t go to bed. Jungkook used some metaphors to talk about his life and himself. Jungkook said his life now would be at 2AM if he were to position his present self among 24 hours of a day

Revealing the reason why he goes to bed at 4am, Jungkook shared about the pressure and many things he has to think about that keeps him from falling asleep: “For me, it is ambiguous. Because I usually go to bed at 4AM and it’s right at 2AM that I ask myself whether I should sleep or do som̾e̾t̾h ̾ing. That’s how my life is right now. I have lots to think about. Like what should I do now, and there are some realistic thoughts.”

He then said he would look like a hexagon which is split and cracked, if he were to draw his selfportrait. “I always want to be perfect, I always aspire to go up, and I think that I do have talents for that, but I also consider myself lazy”. He continued: “I have these 2 acutely conflicting tendencies. I want to go up but at the same time I’m reluctant to do it. People say hexagon is the most perfect shape. But it has a crack. It’s not perfect. It wants to be perfect but it gets cracks.”

It seems that no matter how successful he is, for Jungkook it is not a stop but a motivation for him to keep going. The perfection in Jungkook never stops, even though he works very hard but Jungkook still considers himself quite lazy. Maybe that’s also a reason to make a Golden Maknae Jungkook today!