Jungkook Shared The Story His Father Ever Disguised As A Santa Claus And Since Then He Didn’t Believe In Santa Anymore


For children, Santa Claus is always the most welcome character and everyone expects their wishes will be made to come true by Santa Claus. But Jungkook has long since stopped believing this because it was thanks to his father that he discovered Santa Claus is not real. Here is the interesting story that Jungkook told about this:

Christmas is just coming to town and the tradition of Christmas is that children will look forward to the gift that Santa Claus gives them during the night. Almost every child believes so, and even us adults, sometimes have this peaceful belief. However, Jungkook seems to have lσst faith in this when he discovers that his Santa Claus is actually his father.

During a photo shoot for the Christmas concept, Jungkook told the story of a time when he no longer believed in Santa Claus. He said that when he was a child, he used to receive gifts from Santa Claus every night before Christmas and it was magical and happy. Until one night before Christmas, while he was sleeping, he felt a shaggy beard on his face.

He opened his eyes to see who it was. When he looked up, Jungkook saw his father standing in a Santa costume.

Even his suit has a long wh̾i̾t ̾e beard like Santa Claus. And since then, he no longer believes in Santa Claus.

It seems that Jungkook’s father was well prepared to take on the responsibility of being a Santa Claus delivering gifts to him but it seems he wasn’t so lucky. But it’s also good that from then on, his father might not have to be busy and thinking to complete the Christmas present for Jungkook. Just kidding!

But now, even without a present from Santa Claus, to ARMY, Jungkook and BTS members are the Santas of every day because they make ARMYs always feel warm and safe!