Jungkook Trends Worldwide And Becomes One Of The ‘Most Tweeted Artists’ After Attending Harry Styles’s Concert In LA


BTS fans went into a frenzy after they spotted members Jungkook, j-hope, Taehyung, and Jimin attending Harry Styles’ concert in Los Angeles on November 19. The quartet were seen enjoying and having fun at the concert.

Garnering attention by becoming the highlight of the day, Jungkook trended at #4 Worldwide, #3 in the U.S, along with more than 45 countries with over 1 million mentions. He is also the most tweeted BTS member for the day.

Jungkook became the ‘Most Tweeted Artist’ along with Harry Styles and Lizzo after attending his concert.

Proving his unrivaled popularity in the U.S, Jungkook became the Most Searched BTS member in the U.S and the only one to reach the peak of 100 on Google U.S after Harry’s show.

Dressed up in a Leopard-print hoodíє and shorts pairing it with NIKE Dunk Low Goldenrod shoes, Jungkook vibed to the songs while enjoying his drink.

Jungkook also sang along to the Harry Styles ‘Falling’ in the show, which was covered by him a few weeks ago.

In the concert, girls at the back of jungkook were seen pointing at Jungkook and saying, ‘OMG JK and BTS are here,’ showing off his solid grip on everyone.

Fans also shared their heart-touching pictures and moments of Jungkook. He sent finger hearts to fans, gestured them politely to look at Harry when he saw them looking at him, and waved at the fans when leaving the venue.

Jungkook is known for his kind and respectful personality. Fans spotted Jungkook along with BTS members doing their dinner in a restaurant in LA and complimented Jungkook that he was bowing and smiling at them the whole time.

Jungkook has been confidently enjoying his time in LA while attending the concerts of the artists he likes. Fans are looking forward to more in LA.