Korean netizens praise BTS Jin’s for making any outfit look good


#The BTS x Vogue collaboration has released a marvelous video of all the members modeling in different looks. One of the most outstanding outfits was given to Jin – very long blue padding. The artist looked like a royal in it. Previously, the famous artistic director Virgil Abloh selected Jin as the showstopping model for the LV FW Men 21 collection. Virgil Abloh also demonstrated it on his Instagram page.

#Jin has the ideal model proportions. His face is perfectly symmetrical with an oval shape and elegant features but also has a touch of uniqueness to it. The two main accents of his face are the full heart-shaped lips and captivating eyes with a natural eyeliner. All of it makes him stand out and very pleasant to look at. Besides, his body has an hourglass proportion with a beautifully built upper part, defined waist, round hips, and long legs. Such body proportions are unique among men. It all helps Jin make any outfit work and get the people’s attention. Before joining BTS, Jin was often getting invited to different companies as a model.

#The new Vogue photoshoot in Louis Vuitton clothing is the perfect example of Jin making any type of clothes look great. The padding itself (on the Louis Vuitton model) looks quite awkward and not that stylish, according to the opinion of Knetz.

Jin got complimented for having such powerful visuals that the padding started looking good on him. Let’s see some popular comments:

“It can be used as a sleeping bag. The importance of the face.”

“Can’t see the clothes because of his face.”

“Only Jin is able to wear it.”

“Kim Seokjin did such a good job of wearing it. Now it looks like some romance cover.”

“Why do they make clothes like that..”

“He is good-looking so I don’t care.”

“I wonder how can anyone buy this. But if it’s Seokjin, I will buy it.”

“Face saving the clothes.”

“Seokjin is definitely a handsome boy.”