Lee HyunShared About Suga’s Current Health Situation


According to what was shared earlier, Suga was confirmed to be positive for ₵ØVłĐ-19 after returning from the US. Before this news, ARMY expressed concern about his current health situation. But recently Lee Hyun – a senior in the same company and has a close relationship with Suga as well as the BTS members revealed about his current situation.

Not long ago after Suga’s return flight from the US, вιg нιт confirmed that Suga was positive for ₵ØVłĐ-19 after undergoing a PCR test. At the time Suga was tested, he did not have any symptoms. also released information that Suga contracted after returning from the US and during the end of his schedule in the US, Suga had not been in contact with the members of BTS.

In addition, вιg нιт also provided information that Suga had received 2 doses of the vaccine at the end of August. At the same time, his current condition is still completely fine and is following the instructions of the care authorities. health. Therefore, ARMY is also less worried. However, ARMYs are also looking forward to information about his health condition.

Fortunately, not long ago, Lee Hyun – a senior from the same company and close to BTS as well as Suga shared his condition on his livestream. Lee Hyun said that as soon as he heard about it, he called to check on Suga. Suga was very appreciative and thanked him.

Lee Hyun next also shared that Suga said that it is just like a cold and his condition is good and he’s okay when he is alone now.

It’s good that Suga isn’t having many adverse health problems right now. Besides, according to research by Oregon Health & Science University, people like Suga after recovering will have super antibod̾i̾e ̾s against the variants of ₵ØVłĐ-19. In addition, because Suga received 2 doses of the vaccine, he did not have severe symptoms, so it is essential that ARMYs receive a full vaccination against ₵ØVłĐ-19.

We also had some relatives being positive for ₵ØVłĐ-19 after implementing 2 rounds of vaccination. They also have symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and cough… like when they have a common cold. They also recovered and tested negative after 1-2 weeks of treatment according to the government’s regimen. Therefore, ARMYs should also rest αssured more and wish our Suga get well soon and the other BTS members are safe!