LeeYooBi’s Label Speaks Out About Dating Rumors With Jungkook From Youtuber Who Was ѕυєd By V


As a famous person and the most noticed member in BTS, Jungkook cannot avoid being infected by malicious rumors. One of the most ridiculous and ridiculous rumors recently appeared on social networks is that he is dating Lee Yoo Bi and was soon denied by this female actress’s company before the rumors was blown too far

The recent dating rumors began with allegations on YouTube as well as online communities, claiming the two have shared duplicate items and did ‘lovestagram’ on social media. Moreover, this Youtuber is a person who specializes in spreading rumors about BTS and K-Pop stars that V (BTS) claims to personally ѕυє! It is from a video of chanel Sojang.

Accordingly, this YouTuber has raised suspicions that Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi have been in a relationship since 2018, but recently the two have publicly expressed their feelings. Specifically, the evidence that this YouTuber gives is mostly based on the “Lovestagram” judgment. First, Lee Yoo Bi is known to be a fan of Jungkook, she often posts purple hearts on SNS (a popular social network in кσяєα). Purple is also the symbol of BTS.

Next, on the night Jungkook returned home after finishing his schedule in the US, Lee Yoo Bi posted a picture of him hanging out, accompanied by a heart emoji. The third proof is that the two are wearing the same “Man to Man” T-shirt and pair of bracelets.

Another notable detail is that Lee Yoo Bi once shared that she liked someone with beautiful, masculine eyes and liked September the most (Jungkook’s birthday month). That is also the ideal model of the actress. Finally, the YouTuber who gave the reason for this dating rumor was that Jungkook’s brother and Lee Yoo Bi’s younger brother followed each other on SNS.

It is known that this YouTuber is a character who specializes in posting rumors related to BTS, NCT and other Kpop stars. Previously, V announced that he would ѕυє this person directly. But it seems that rumors tend to develop badly, so the actress’s company quickly released an official statement denying this false rumor. But it seems that rumors tend to develop badly, so the actress’s company quickly released an official statement denying this false rumor.

According to Lee Yoo Bi’s label, the actress doesn’t even personally know BTS’ Jungkook. The representative of her revealed, “I’ve heard about the dating rumors a couple of times. But as far as I know, she doesn’t even personally know Jungkook. I’ve asked her before and she said she knows SUGA though”. He continued, “When I asked her about the dating rumors, she just laughed. She was laughing because it was so obviously false.”

The YouTuber channel that mocks V and spreads false rumors about Jungkook continues to commit misconduct that affects the public, so let’s report and report this Youtube channel to HYBE. These false rumors are not worth it and both artists are affected negavtively.