Major Korean News Stations Report OnJin’s “Super Tuna” Craze


Jin‘s “Super Tuna” has become a viral sensation, making its way into ḳöŕệän variety shows, the South ḳöŕệän government, and fans around the world! The “Super Tuna” TikTok challenge has also become a huge нιт online, regardless of Jin’s wish for it to not become a new trend.

It seems like there is no stopping this trend as major ḳöŕệän news stations continue to report on the song. On December 13 KST, JTBC reported that the song was such a нιт that “even Kindergarteners are singing along to BTS Jin’s ‘Super Tuna’”. The performance video has also surpäṩṩed 26M views online.

On MBC‘s morning news, they reported that Jin’s “Super Tuna” could possibly be the next “Baby Shark” craze among young children.

TV Chosun also reported on the “Super Tuna” craze and revealed that the challenge was started by the fans themselves.

From Channel A, KBS, SBS, and more, the list goes on!

It looks like there is no stopping our worldwide handsome Jin’s “Super Tuna”! If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it below!