MC Park MyungSoo’s Daughter Immediately Päṩṩes Out After Meeting Suga At The Sauna


It seems that the whole world loves BTS and no one can resist their charm. One of them is Park Myung Soo’s daughter, Min Seo, and she even had a super amused reaction when she ran into Suga. If you were in that situation, you would be just like Min Seo!

Park Myung Soo is a famous ḳöŕệän MC and comedian. He has a little daughter named Min Seo and her dad reveals she’s a big ARMY. Furthermore, on an episode of Wife’s Taste in January, Park Myung Soo said that she wants to marry BTS.

Like any ARMY, Min Seo dreams of meeting BTS, and she actually gets to meet Suga at a sauna and her ucar reaction to meeting Suga is memorable for her dad. Previously, Park Myung Soo mentioned on his radio program Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show that he ran into a BTS member at the sauna. However, he did not specify which member he met and ARMYs speculated it was Jin.

But recently, in a video on his YouTube channel Halmyungsoo, Park Myung Soo finally revealed which member he met at the sauna. In the video, he was shown photos of the members and had to guess their names. When Suga’s name came up, Park Myung Soo told the story of when they met in the sauna. He tells the story: “A while ago in the sauna, someone said ‘Hello.’” That person was BTS Suga!

At first, he didn’t believe that Suga was actually a BTS member because he couldn’t believe the members would do somєthing as mundane as going to a sauna. He holds a photo of Suga next to Suga’s face to confirm it’s really him. “BTS Suga also went to the sauna too?” must have been how he felt at the time. It’s lucky to be able to meet members of BTS in such places.

Park Myung Soo also added that because he was with his daughter, Min Seo was downstairs while her father and Suga were in the sauna. So when he went out with Suga, she was waiting for him at the door, so she was surprised. Even when seeing Suga, he seems to have fainted from ṩḧöċḳ seeing her idol.

If it was us, we are sure that we are the same! Checking video below to see more detail: