Netizens discuss BTS Jungkook’s fashion sense


BTS Jungkook’s fashion sense is currently a hot topic online.

On January 6, the topic of Jungkook’s style hit #3 on Nate’s online community board Pann under the title, “Jungkook is likable because he doesn’t know how to dress.” According to the poster, the BTS member’s day-to-day fashion style is charming because he doesn’t try too hard and keeps it comfortable and simple.

The netizen also shared the below examples of Jungkook’s style. Netizens commented, “Lol. Because he can’t dress. He dresses like someone in reality who would actually be around you, so I like it more if you know what I mean,” “He dresses like an athletics major,” “To be honest, any person looks best when they dress comfortably,” and more.

What do you think of Jungkook’s style?