People Are Sharing Interesting And Clever Secret Spaces They’ve Hidden In Their Houses


From secret book pulls to Narnia-inspired wardrobes, we has collected some of the best posts from these groups. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to create some discreet hiding places, continue scrolling and upvote your favorite ones!

1. My Daughter Just Found The Secret Street I Built Behind Her Wardrobe For Lockdown!

2 Built My Now Fianceè A Model House As Our Buying Plans Were Put On Hold Due To Covid

3 Behind The Murphy Door

4 Wardrobe Inspiration From Narnia

# 5 Mom Finds Her Little Boy’s Secret Man Cave Complete With An iPad, Snacks And A Blanket

#6 Hidden Beer

#7 My Dining Room Table Houses A Secret Spiral Staircase

#8. The Pantry You Didn’t Think You Needed

#9. Mom Turns Cupboard Under The Stairs Into Harry Potter Room

#10. Going Through The Door

#10.Secret Door

#11.Bought A House, Came With A Secret Cabinet Behind A Cabinet

#12.Hidden Chair Compartment

#13. The New House My Parents Bought Has A Secret Room Hidden Under The Stairs

#14. Not Hidden. But That Could Easily Be Changed

#15. This One’s Made Of Tile!