People Suggested Suga Be A Full Time Producer But He Still Stayed With BTS For This Reason


Talent and hard work are what make the members of BTS who they are today. But really, if it’s just that, every member can be a solo artist, but BTS is only perfect when there are 7 members. This is also som̾e̾t̾h ̾ing that SUGA mentioned in a recent interview with VOGUE.

Each member of BTS has their own unique talents and charms. Take for example SUGA – he stands out for his composing, rapping style as well as music production. The fact also proves that he is a talented music producer when creating many hot songs such as “eight” ft. IU, “ωιиє” combined with SURAN… That’s why people always say that SUGA absolutely has can become a full-time producer.

This is also the question that SUGA was suggested when having a year-end interview with the recently published VOGUE magazine. At the end of the year, SUGA had things to say about the things of the old year like the ραи∂ємι¢, the NBA games, about his successful mixtape D-2…SUGA also gave his opinion after experiencing many difficulties that: “go with the flow, rather than constantly strive and strive all the time” is not a bad thing.

SUGA also mentioned about the special thing when he was asked about “what he gained and ̾l̾o̾s̾t ̾ in the past eight years?”. He answered: “I think I’m happier now,” and he continued: “Perhaps it’s because I now know that material things no longer give me great satisfaction. So now, I try to find happiness in simple things, such as getting up early in the morning and having decaf coffee. I’m glad I’ve finally got to experience this kind of joy. What I ̾l̾o̾s̾t ̾ would be being ordinary. Your ordinary is my extraordinary, right? But I think time will solve this issue.”

After that, the interviewer asked SUGA what his next move will be now that he has learned the value of being ordinary. The interviewer even thought that he will say he will be a full-fledged producer. But his answer made the interviewer quite both υиєχρє¢тє∂ and obvious. SUGA gave a very frank and sincere answer: “I’ll always be a member of BTS. People have suggested I should become a full-time producer, but I don’t think I will. I’m not responsible enough to take responsibility for anyone. I like being part of BTS.”

Perhaps for SUGA, his road to success was with BTS. For him being a part of BTS is more important than what he does. Although SUGA humbly says that it is difficult for him to be responsible enough to be responsible to someone, we are sure of one thing that he prefers the feeling of having success with the other members and he is comfortable. Best when working with your team!