RM Once Composed A RapSongFor His First Love


Love is often the best topic for composers, even they are BTS or RM. Although now they don’t have girlfriend, in the past, the had fallen in love with some girls and had a romantic love story with young love. Specially, our leader – RM had ever given his first love in high school a self-made gift with many sweet words. Check it below:

Recently on social platform, the topic related to love story of BTS members including RM’s lovely sotry about his first love becomes hot. A time ago, Namjoon shared about his ideals of love and through this, ARMY found an interesting thing: Namjoon first had a crush in high school. Morover, he even remembered that he had made a gift for his first girlfriend at that time. On Valentine’s Day, like many boys, RM gave his girlfriend a rap song as a gift. So since middle school RM has written love songs with rap, until now his romance is still intact in the compositions.

However, Namjoon’s first love did not last long because that year the two children were childish and impulsive, so they did not understand each other.

In some interviews, Namjoon seems to have remained the habit of giving songs to his girlfriend if he has and he always wants to write a song for his lover. Namjoon seems to like showing his love through songs because this is what he can do the best to express his feeling to one of the most important one in his life. RM also said that if she wasn’t a celebrity, the song would be an apology because he’s an idol and the song would say that Namjoon loves her more than she thought. Sometimes we see that RM has some clumsiness but he is a thoughtful person and always takes care of the other’s emotion.

When hearing RM talk about his ideal of love, ARMYs really feel jealous with his girlfriend or his wife in the future because the love with him will be so sweet and warm. RM also ever talked about his ideal type as a tall, beautiful voice, whíte, feminine girl who looks beautiful in a whíte Tshirt, jeans and a red Converse turtleneck. Meanwhile, Namjoon’s ideal date would be like a student date: Going to the movies, eating, and walking hand in hand because he had never done it before. And finally Namjoon wants to get married when he’s around 32-35 years old.

          RM is like any other guy, he also has thoughts about a sweet love and also has fantasies about the girl he loves. That makes RM a man we are all proud of.