RM Wants To Be Recognized As Someone Other Than BTS Member And Shares His Future Dream Is Quite Similar To Jin


BTS’s life is now a dream of many people. However, for many members, even all members of BTS, their present life is a precious but also a pressure, and later when they step back from the stage, they want to become a child. others. RM shared what he wants to do in the future and the life he dreams of in a recent interview with Vogue.

BTS brings a lot of value to life by creating their music and the art they make from sounds and words. They are one of the most successful artists today because their art is born because of human. These are also the core ideas that RM always aims for when composing new songs or conveying his message in songs. But more than music, RM also wants to create more meaningful art later when he is no longer a member of BTS.

RM had an interview with Vogue and was recently published by this magazine. The interview took place with stories surrounding BTS’ activities over the past year and their successes. Besides, RM also shared about his perspective regarding art and how he enjoys other arts than music. RM talked about going to art museums filled with his works early in the week mornings – a time when few people come to see them, which is convenient for him. RM also shared how interesting it was when he had “a eureka moment — an artist who’d pa̾s̾sed away a hundred years ago was communicating directly with a boy from kσrєα”.

More specifically, RM also talked about his dream to be devoted to the arts despite many saying they should be realistic. He mentioned: “They say we need to concentrate on the present rather than pursuing our dreams” but he himself thought that: “I believe having a dream can be important. I hope there are others who still retain a little boy or a little girl in their hearts and continue to believe in old-fashioned values, such as hard work and hope. I often struggle as well. The expectations people have of me, and the pressure I put on myself, are too great. I imagine even if I work in a completely different field in the future, people will still expect me to accomplish something, and I might not be able to meet those expectations. I think I’m still going through the stage of creating a rough draft.”

RM also talked about his dream of being recognized in a different role than when he created another art: “I want to be recognized as someone other than a member of BTS, and I want to create other types of art”

And there are even dreams of the idyllic village life that Jin dreams of: in a quiet place, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. RM said: “I have many dreams, including the dream of living in the quiet countryside, where I can read and study. I’m very happy now, but I find the pace of life quite overwhelming. I want to find the right pace for myself someday.”

After all, RM also has many dreams in his heart even though he has achieved many dreams that others dream of. But RM’s dream is human after all because dreams keep on making our hearts sing even when they are accused of being banal.