Social Butterfly V Went Straight To Sonnet Son And Asked For Her Number


BTS is always praised as artists with their golden personality and friendliness towards other artists. Therefore, there are many friends in the industry of BTS and their friends always refer to BTS with pride and love. Recently, singer Son Seung Yeon also shared about her friendship with V, making ARMY extremely excited.

Appearing in an episode of MB’s Radio Star program with the cast of the musical Bodyguard appeared, singer Son Seung Yeon excited the aud̾i̾e ̾nce when he mentioned a famous friend of his – that is BTS V. If you don’t know, Son Seung Yeon is the winner of the кσяєαn version of The Voice program with great vocal ability

Not only that, but Son Seung Yeon is also a multi-talented woman when showing o her go game sk̾i̾l̾l ̾s and highlighting her boxing and rapping sk̾i̾l̾l ̾s on the show. However, what attracted the most attention was when she mentioned how handsome and talented V is.

Specifically, Son Seung Yeon said that she has a close relationship with BTS’s manager. During a performance at the show “KBS Gayo Daechukje”, V and his manager went to the female singer’s waiting room to ask for her phone number, revealing that he was her big fan: “BTS’s V came to me and told me he was a fan. So we exchanged numbers right on the spot.”

Son Seung Yeon also shared, she gave V her phone number, then the BTS member contacted first and asked the female singer born in 1993 “Noona, where are you?”. Although after BTS became famous, Son Seung Yeon no longer had much contact with the male idol, but when she released a new product, BTS’ Twitter account shared to promote the female singer.

Son Seung Yeon praised him for it and even expressed his fans’ love for V: “I was shocked by how social V was.”

Perhaps V is like many others and especially because he loves music so much that he admires Son Seung Yeon and her talent. Therefore, he was extremely friendly when he came to say hello and get to know him first. It’s hard not to envy Son Seung Yeon when approached by V himself!