Some Journalists AndIndustry Insiders Feel It’s Unfair That BTS Only Received One Grammy Nomination


Around the issue of BTS’s nominations at the Grammy, there are many opinions surrounding how the Grammy treats BTS at this award. Even famous journalists and music critics have mentioned BTS and Grammy nominations before the mainstream media. Not only ARMY but even objectively, many experts see this, here are some of their comments on this matter:

In the past few days, BTS and ARMY have been extremely happy when Butter received a nomination for the category Best pop/duo group performance at the Grammy 2022. This is a great honor for an Asian group at the most prestigious award on the planet. But besides that, it seems that ARMY’s joy is not complete when they hope for more than one Grammy nomination because of the great success that Butter and BTS have achieved in the past year.

Specifically, this year, BTS has been nominated for 7 categories for the Grammy Awards, including: Best best engineered album, Best pop/duo group performance, Best pop vocal album, Best music video, Record of the year, Album of the year, Song of the year. However, on the day of announcing the nomination results, BTS received 1 nomination for Best pop/duo group performance along with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s “I Get a Kick Out of You,” Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco’s “Lonely,” “Higher Power” by Coldplay and “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat and SZA.

Last year at the Grammy, BTS also won the only nomination for this category with the ḧïẗ song “Dynamite”, but ŀöṩẗ the title to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain on Me.”

Prior to this Grammy nomination, many music journalists gave their views on how the Grammy’s treatment of BTS seems to be unequal. One of them is Kevin Frazier. He said that with what BTS has done, “sell out the stadium”, even besides Butter, many other BTS songs should be nominated in the big four category of Grammy. And even the popularity of BTS is dominating the world and everywhere.

In addition, in a talk show discussing the Grammy Awards, Eminem sat down for an interview with Sway Calloway and he also talked about how unfair the Grammys are to artists from his point of view. He also pointed out that Grammy hints at an artist winning an award and uses it as a selling point to attract auďïệnces to the show and the show’s host seems to agree that the Grammys are becoming more and more like a comedy show.

Some parts of ARMY squad also have the same view:

– They been doing bts ďïŕẗÿ since 2019 but now it’s so obvious even the locals are talking about it.

– The fact that he knows they were scammed from the award nominations shows a lot

– Someone better give that man a warm dinner and mouth

– They know it,i means some of music journalist maybe know that facts

– Nice to hear someone in the media speaking the truth for a change!

– BTS doing great what else do we need

– is that a bts vinyl next to eminem?

– Kevin Frazier’s been in the biz since, forever. He knows what he’s doing, he does research and all

– This man know BE deserve at least one noms

– Louder please!

In the end, for BTS and ARMY, they have always been winners in every category because of the positive influence they have made. Above all, the soul of music is above all fame and fortune and BTS has done it.