SUGA and Big Hit Just Announces That He Fully Recovers After Testing Positive For ₵ØVłĐ-19 And Finishes Quarantine Today


A few minutes ago, Big нιт announced that Suga has completely recovered from ĆØVƗĐ-19. The above information was given after Suga completed tests as well as health checks after 10 days of ĆØVƗĐ treatment at home. This makes ARMYs so happy that SUGA is healthy again

This is probably the best news today as well as on the occasion of the New Year. A little while ago, Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music made an announcement that SUGA’s health has completely recovered after a period of self-treatment for ĆØVƗĐ at home under the guidance of the healthcare government. In the announcement, Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music said that SUGA’s self-quarantine will also end today – that is, at this time

10 days ago, SUGA was confirmed to have ĆØVƗĐ-19 after returning from the US. It is worth mentioning that Suga had without any symptoms and was known only after PCR test results. After that, SUGA underwent self-isolation along with treatment according to the government’s protocol, but fortunately during the illness, SUGA did not have any ∂αиgєяous symptoms.

vImmediately after вιg нιт’s announcement has been made, SUGA is also extremely excited because he was completely cured and immediately goes to Weverse to talk about this in a very cute way: “Quarantine is over”

In Bł₲ Ⱨł₮’s announcement, they also mentioned their gratitude to ARMY’s concern for SUGA’s health, and also thanked the medical team who are working hard against ĆØVƗĐ-19. Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ also reaffirmed to ARMY that they put the members’ health first and will always fully comply with the epidemiological and medical requirements set forth by the government.

Before the news was announced, ARMYs were extremely excited and left many comments:

– So frєαking happy for yoongi

– i’m so happy

– Thanks GOD

– Thank God Suga is doing better


– Omg I’m so happy

– Omggg yessss my baby

– Thank you for be healthy. Hope he takes care of himself

– Best news of today… Congratz MIN YOONGI

Hopefully next we will hear good news from Jin and RM