SUGA Gave Advice To Those Who Don’t Want To Work In Korean Learning With BTS


Perhaps for adults, it is not uncommon for people to feel bored with their work for a period of time. Simply because of reasons such as wanting to sleep more every Monday morning, not wanting to leave the house or even not enjoying your job anymore. So let SUGA give you some advice on how to get through this period.

SUGA is the winning and practical member of BTS so he often gives the right advice to ARMYs. In HYBE EDU’s latest video teaching kσrєαn phrases with a clip from Suga’s live broadcast, the show used a short dialogue of him as an example. In this “video call roleplay,” he answers a question from a fan who doesn’t love the 9-5 grind and how to get over it.

Suga replied: “You need to make a living though!

Because he’s always been on the lookout for reality, Suga gets straight to the point and says, “There’s only one way to concentrate when you’re working,”, “It’s all to make a living. Just think about payday, and push through.” It’s really hard to find a better reason and advice than this because in the end each of us mostly just wants to have a better life so we need to earn money and create those values for yourself.

As we all know, SUGA is a man who loves his job, and he seems to be sitting in the studio all the time, even his breaks go through a period of decline. “There probably isn’t anyone that has never gone through a slump,” he said. “What do you do when you’re going through a slump? You just need to do it.”

With time, your slump will be a thing of the past and you’ll be glad you made it through. When earning a lot of money and being able to live a better life, that is a worthy reward for those tiring working days.