Suga Will Appear In The Song “Girl of my Dreams” From Juice Wrld’s Upcoming Album


BTS is enjoying their second vacation after a period of hard work. ARMYs thought that BTS wouldn’t have any musical activities during their break but no they prepared everything. Soon we will receive a gift from producer Suga, he is back.

This year seems to be a year for producer Suga as he has released many excellent works as a producer. Since his debut as a member of BTS until now, Suga has shown his great musical talent through music projects he produced. From the release of Agust D-style mixtape to the producer for famous female singers like IU, Suran, Heize,…or even remixes. We all see that Suga is a genius producer.

Recently, according to the latest information from the poster for Juice Wrld’s latest album to be released on December 10, Suga’s name once again appears as a collaborator. Specifically Suga will feature on “Girl of my Dreams” from Juice Wrld’s upcoming album “fιgнтing Demons”. ARMYs are feeling extremely excited by this news because each product of Suga and the combined artists brings a unique mark.


Previously, when launching the game BTS World, Suga had the opportunity to collaborate with Juice Wrld in soundtrack All Nights with a unique style and catchy tune. The song has been extremely loved by ARMYs until now. ARMY thinks that this is also the starting point for the collaboration between Suga and Juice Wrld after Juice Wrld päṩṩed away. To be one of some artists who had helped Juice Wrld doing this is so meaningful.

After the above information was revealed, ARMYs eagerly welcomed the return of producer Suga and left many comments expressing their happiness:

– It’s probably unreleased songs that were recorded before he päṩṩed away. It’s actually really common for labels or loved ones to release posthumous albums.

– it’s probably tracks he was working on before he päṩṩed and artists picked up to help finish <3

– Respect all


– ITS OVER FOR ME. Our porducer is back

– So excited!

– I see this coming not surprised after all because I remember I saw a twt post or Tiktok post talked about how Juice Wrld fans talking about a song that will be released soon and one of BTS member is on it. And now here it is!