SUGA’s Father Shared That He Invested SUGA With Music Equipment And His Brother’s Room To Start His Dream


Pursuing a musical dream is never easy for idols because it’s not always about success and glamour. Because of that, many idols had a time when their parents prevented them from pursuing the path of becoming an idol. But for SUGA, he was lucky to have his family’s support from day one and even the fact that his parents helped SUGA pursue his dreams showed how much they support SUGA.

In a documentary program telling about the growth of Kpop superstar SUGA – Agust D, stories of his childhood and pa̾s̾sion were told. The story is told that right from the 6th grade, SUGA started with his pa̾s̾sion from the lyrics written on the paper. Therefore, after finishing middle school, Suga expressed his desire to go to Seoul to pursue his pa̾s̾sion for music.

But perhaps a bit worried and understood that SUGA’s path was not easy, so his father advised him that he should still go to high school in Daegu and then when he was more mature, he would go to Seoul. At the same time, knowing his great pa̾s̾sion for music, SUGA’s family also supported him wholeheartedly by allowing him to make music at home.

SUGA’s brother’s room is larger, so it was turned into his own studio for him to freely make music. Besides, SUGA’s father had invested in SUGA 10 million won to equip him with a large computer, monitor, speaker, piano, etc., essential equipment for him to compose.

Live in a society with an αѕιαи education tradition. At that time, instead of forbidding and forcing his son to study, Suga’s father strongly invested in his son’s pursuit of his pa̾s̾sion, this was indeed a big impact on Suga in the early days. Perhaps family is one of the big factors that help Min Suga aka Min-PD nim succeed as it is today.

But with the support of his family, SUGA is also a self-disciplined and disciplined person to not disappoint his parents. Teachers at the Daegu high school where he attended for a year before moving to Seoul also said that Suga had never violated school rules. Although the school’s dress code was very strict at that time, Suga still strictly followed it.

Even though he stu∂ιєd while making music, he stayed up until dawn, but he never used that as an excuse for him about anything at school. Suga has made teachers at school have a different view of the musician, not necessarily having to be different or disruptive to be able to do hip-hop. These are the things that have made SUGA – our talented rapper, music producer today!