Taehyung Was Looked Down On When He Dreamed Of Becoming A Singer And How He Responded To The Disrespect


Up until now, for BTS, what they dreamed of and what they expected seemed to have come true. It has been a long process of effort and striving to get the success it is today, besides overcoming doubtful eyes. V is one of the members who has had such an experience and this is how he copes with the objections of those around him.

Being supported to follow your dreams or being encouraged to do what you love is always the best thing in the process of growing up. Especially with the process of becoming an idol full of pressure, difficulties, and even an uncertain future. But idol is also a path that makes many people doubt about success, and many people have given up on this path because they cannot overcome dissuades or doubtful eyes. V has been in this situation before but he has his own way of responding to those doubts and pursuing his dreams.

in V’s latest interview with Vogue at the end of the year, he talked about what he’s achieved in the past year and talked about his changes. In particular, V shared about his MBTI transformation from an extrovert to an introvert. “The first letter of my MBTI personality type used to be E [for Extrovert], but recently it changed to I [for Introvert]. Don’t they say the difference between the two is huge?” V said.

V seems indifferent about his apparent shift in personality, indifferent about whether he is cläṩṩed as an extrovert or introvert. He explains that this is because he has recently experienced some growing pains. “I don’t think these changes are a bad thing because I have learned how to decide what is right for me and what isn’t,” V elaborates. “I was able to grow with help from people around me. There may be many bumps on the road ahead, and I may experience pain at some point, but I’m not afraid. How I proceed in those situations is the most important thing.”

Most especially, in the interview, V talked about how much BTS means to him and how V responded to those who tried to stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming an idol. V said BTS is the source of light and he told: “Since I was in elementary school, I dreamed of becoming a singer, but nobody took me seriously. Everyone just said, ‘Get real.’ BTS made my dream come true,” .

The interviewer also asked if he feels weighed down by such lofty labels as “the first” or “the best,” and if he has any regrets. “Some say that you should keep your first love as a hobby, and not turn it into your job. But I disagree, because I do what I love professionally,” V reflected. “When I feel it’s not good enough, I’m able to devote more time to practicing, and this helps me develop and improve. Also, the fact that people seem to like what I do makes it very satisfying and meaningful to me.”

Clearly, there is no clearer recognition than being able to do what others think you cannot do. Not only that, V also did a great job when he became one of the world’s famous stars with his professional dedication to music.V sees the world without disaffection, and Taehyung Kim, V and BTS have proved that it is OK to do so — right through from their debut to the present day. It’s good that he’s been persistent and serious about his dream!