The 11 Most Hilarious Sporting Moments Caught on Camera


Athletes invest a lot of effort in training and competition. Sportsmen and their fans deserve respect. But sometimes it’s very difficult to control words or facial expressions when a team’s victory is at stake.

Bright Side collected 11 ridiculously funny photos of sporting moments.

# Single ladies, it’s time for the tossing of the bouquet!

#Hooray! Ball, it’s you! Haven’t seen you for ages!

#Hey, girl! This is not the beach!

# Sorry, but my favorite team is above all else.

#Mommy, help! It’s a BALL!

#No offense, ladies!

# These girls pretend to be towels on a towel rail.

#This looks like a classic Renaissance painting.

# I’ll hold you, dude. We’ll make it together. Stay strong!

#Did he think that monkeys were better at basketball or what?

#A routine warm-up before a fight

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Preview photo credit Imgur, saintreborn/Imgur