The ARMY Girl Who Wanted To “Sue MinYoongi” And The Last Time She Went To Fansign Before Marriage


“I will sue you, Min Yoongi” is a famous saying in the ARMY community. This quote comes from a girl who is an ARMY who attended BTS’s fansign event and repeatedly shouted this sentence out loud to tease Suga. This quote later became a legend for every time Suga made ARMY feel breathless, but the girl who appeared at that year’s fansign didn’t come to Suga’s future fansigns. When knowing the story behind that many ARMYs probably also feel the same and think about themselves in the future.

Idol is the most beautiful thing in every girl’s teenage years, is a special affection in a very special way and is cherished as an eternal belief. But surely one day, every ARMY girl will have a boy that we love and hold hands with for life, but 7 boys will still be the most beautiful young dreams that we can’t forget. And so is the girl in the upcoming story

The ARMY mentioned here became a legend in the ARMY’s community by saying “I will sue you Min Yoongi”. At every fansign or stage from the very first days of BTS that she attended, the girl shouted loudly that she would sue Yoongi for hurting her and ARMYs’ hearts because he is so handsome and cute. Then Suga would reply with bursting into helpless laughter because of the girl’s joke. The funny moments of that ARMY and Suga keep ARMYs entertained even to nowsaday.

But it’s been a long time, that girl hasn’t attended BTS’s fansign and the story behind it makes many of us feel that at some point we will have to live our own lives after many years loving idols at the bottom of heart.

That’s the story of that ARMY girl’s last time participating in the fansign. It was the fansign of BTS’s comeback with the album Wings. That girl went to the fansign and at this time there were no more shouts to sue Yoongi. The girl approached and gently asked Suga, “Can I wear this choker and cat ears for you, because this is the last time I can appear here.” Suga immediately agreed without hesitation but a little bit confused about the reason why she couldn’t come the other fansigns anymore.

Then that ARMY told Suga that she had to get married. Even after hearing her say that, Suga asked, “So do you want Bangtan to come to the wedding and sing for you?” The girl was surprised and refused because she was afraid that if Suga really came, she wouldn’t be able to get married and would cry at the wedding. After that, Yoongi teased her saying, “So if you get married, you’ll stop suing me, right?”. ARMY girl replied, “It’s true that I won’t sue you anymore. But not because I’m married. Before, I wanted to sue you because I got jealous every time I saw you laughing and talking to other ARMYs. But now I won’t sue you anymore, because from now on, no matter what you do, I’ll be happy.” At the end of the conversation, Suga also congratulated that ARMY and hoped that after getting married, she would be still as happy as she was at that time

This is truly a story that makes every single ARMY flutter because it seems that any of us are just like that ARMY. That’s why, when pursuing idols, a girl’s dream is always the most beautiful and wonderful dream. When we wake up from our dreams, we return to our own lives and happiness. But after all, both BTS and ARMY share the same hope that everyone has a happy life.