The ARMY’s Friend Group Makes The Whole World Be Jealous Because Of Having Facetime Call With Jimin


A few hours ago, BTS recorded Crosswalk for The Late Late Show With James Corden. And what’s more special is that during this special event, many ARMYs were lucky enough to meet BTS on the streets of LA and watch BTS perform live. There are even lucky ARMYs who let their friends meet Jimin via facetime on this occasion.

A few hours ago, ARMYs in the US made ARMYs all over the world feel jealous by being able to meet BTS randomly on the street. Moreover, it is possible to watch live BTS performing at close range on the street while waiting for a red light.

That’s because BTS recorded Crosswalk for The Late Late Show With James Corden – a special performance on James’s daily show. BTS performed their нιтs like Dynamite, Permisson to Dance, Butter on the streets of LA in front of random audíєnces.

More specifically, there is one lucky ARMY who äċċïďệńẗally watched BTS perform when stopping at a red light. What made ARMYs even more crazy was that Jimin was standing at the door of ARMYs car while she was facetime with friends. That girl decided to change to the front cam and film Jimin for all of her close friends.

And of course, it’s like Jimin is calling them directly, it’s unbelievable! Although her friends can’t see Jimin directly in the car window, in this case they will surely love and appreciate their friend even more for sharing this precious moment.

The other ARMYs gonna cry because they’re jealous and admiring that group of friends for calling Jimin. ARMYs have left extremely funny and cute comments:

– I really want to hear and feel it more or less real

– Holy crap! This would seriously have ended me if it happened to me

– I love how once he got closer they all glitchedssasdfhjjjhf

– omg i really cried watching this

– I need new friends

– Some of these armys are having an amazing week. I’ve been seeing the same girls at the Harry styles concert, the AMAs and now James corden. I know LA is small but damn! I so need to move there well not really lol

– cant live with this much negativity inside of my body

– If that happens to me, believe me, I would not live to tell it!!

– And what are the odds that you are wearing shower cap when you meet him??? Hihihi love you ARMY! You girls are so lucky to have a friend to FaceTime you on the spot to share the experience!!!!

– “Omg im so happy for them”

– Good morning god and whole world …jow to be lucky enough to facetime Jimin …along with your friends