The Babysitter Shared The Story Of Taehyung And His Grandma Going To Kindergarten At 4 Years Old


Witnessing V’s growth from an innocent 4-year-old boy to becoming an idol loved by million fans at the age of 26, the babysitters at the kindergarten – where V was once sent by his parents, couldn’t help but feel so proud of him. They also recalled the previous beautiful memories of V’s childhood when he lived with his grandmother. Go back to when Taetae was 4 years old through the babysitter’s story below to see how adorable 4-year-old Taetae is?

V’s childhood story in particular and BTS’s in general are always the hot topics that ARMYs want to hear. Because the members’ childhoods become lovely stories that make each of us look back and feel like they used to be and how they’ve grown up now. Now let’s go back in time, back to when V was 4 years old and imagine a little boy Taehyung of those days.

After V became a celebrity, the babysitters at the place where V was sent when he was 4 years old remembered him when seeing him on TV. They told stories about when V was in kindergarten and praised the 4-year-old boy at the time. They said they missed he was “a docile and well-behaved child”. Also the nannies described his cuteness in terms of appearance: “He was a chubby boy and he had bushy eyebrows and big eyes.”

In addition, the babysitter also recalled from her memory that she clearly remembers V having a very close and attached relationship with her grandmother. Taehyung’s grandmother is the one who took Taehyung to school and picked him up every afternoon. It’s clear that V and his grandmother’s love for each other are endless, that’s why Taehyung is always thinking about her päṩṩing.

Then, the babysitter also said, “I was surprised when I heard the news that Taehyung has become a talented singer“. She also gave many compliments and expressed pride when V became such a talented and popular person. The 4-year-old boy, who was once an obed̾i̾e ̾nt child in kindergarten, has now become a beloved and proud boy with outstanding achievements.