The Case Of Suga’s Lost Ring At Berlin Concert And The Truth Behind It


Concert is always the most memorable moment for ARMY and BTS. It even becomes an unforgettable memory if you are the lucky ARMY girl who picked up Suga’s ring during the concert. Below is a funny story of that ARMY herself, recounting somєthing she couldn’t believe until now

The story begins at the Love Yourself 2018 concert in Berlin (gєямαиу). If you’re an ARMY, you won’t be able to forget that Suga owns a ring consisting of 4 letters S, U, G, A arranged in his name. This is a ring that Suga ordered for himself and of course, its value and uniqueness is not cheap and Suga wore it for the Love Yourself concert in gєямαиу that day.

Although the ring was made according to Suga’s hand size, during the pαѕѕionate performance, Suga made the A-ring on his little finger fly away without even realizing it. Even Suga became surprised after knowing that one of his rings was dropped.

As the performance neared its end, Suga said that he had ℓσѕт his A-ring. ARMYs searched for the ℓσѕт ring but couldn’t find it, so they gave up.

The concert that night after the incident was still held happily and excitedly and so were the ARMYs. However, the next day, the lucky ARMY – who had a̾c̾c̾i̾d̾e̾n̾tally picked up Suga’s ℓσѕт ring during the concert the night before, was ѕнσ¢кed to find out that the ring was in her pocket and humorously recounted the incident.

Originally posted by the lucky fan who found the ring among tens of thousands of people: “Okay everyone, I have SUGA’s “A” ring. Let me tell you about that. It was like a dream. BTS always say they want to go back to Germany next year, so I plan to keep it until then. To give it back to SUGA, it happened in a flash so I don’t even know what happened.”

OP recounted that she stood in the VIP area with her close friends to mingle at the concert. In the middle of the concert, Suga splashed water on OP standing and the bottle fell behind her. OP thought the water bottle would fly very far so she didn’t look back but just focused on Suga because he was standing in front of her

When Suga left, OP looked behind and saw the water bottle but another ARMY took it first. Then she thought to herself, “Doesn’t he always throw the water bottle cap too?”. So OP went looking but there wasn’t any of the items that Suga threw away.

Moments later, Jungkook was standing in front of her and of course OP was excited and dancing, then she suddenly felt like she stepped on somєthing, and ARMY’s head flashed:“OMG, could it be the bottle cap?”. OP picked it up and put it back in her pocket without looking back.

That ARMY enjoyed a wonderful concert and on the way home she reached into her pocket to touch her bottle cap and realized that the “bottle cap” had a hole and it wasn’t plastic. The girl at that time was extremely surprised and looked back at the “bottle cap” ring.

That ARMY talked about how they felt knowing this: “I thought I was dreaming. When I was outside the stadium and the ARMYs were leaving, I looked back at the bottle cap in my pocket. And it really was. Damn that SUGA’s “A” ring I’m Jungshook everyone I can’t say anything other than that this really feels like a dream. When I got to the hotel room I realized everything, then I screamed and I was so happy. I really want to give it back to him when he comes back. I hope to see them again. I had the best days of my life thanks to BTS. Thank you for that great concert. Thank you for their hard work.”

The story behind it is that ARMY tried to contact HYBE and BTS staff to return the ring to Suga. But then the one thing that makes us all more jealous of ARMY’s luck is that Suga told her to keep the ring and he’d make a new one.