The Reason Why Jin Collected Jungkook From The Mic Making People Crazy At AMAs


On November 21, BTS attended the 2021 äṃệŕïċän Music Awards with three award nominations and two performances. The boys took home all three awards including Favorite Pop Duo or Group, Favorite Pop Song, and Artist of the Year!

During the acceptance speech, they spoke in both English and ḳöŕệän as they thanked their fans for this special award. During Jungkook‘s speech, he ended up forgetting his words, only to be taken away from the mic by Jin!

Looking at the show from another angle, fans spotted the monitor that read, “PLEASE WRAP IT UP” after Jungkook started his “We wanna focus on” portion of his speech.

It seems that the award’s staff reminded that BTS’s speech time is over and the next part of the show needs to start. But many ARMYs have thought of other reasons: Is a huge BTS plan coming up? Many ARMYs have made predictions about what Jungkook wants to focus on next year:

These can also be correct assumptions because in a recorded video, it seems that the members really want to stop Jungkook so that he doesn’t reveal too much about the plans of the BST next year. V even gestured to Jin to get him off the mic:

But anyway, the way Jin hugged Jungkook from the mic made the whole awards ceremony riot. How lovely it is!

And then the phrase focus on was also revealed by Jungkook in the selfie he posted, which was “focus on army”. But no matter what, ARMYs still can’t seem to stop thinking about what Jungkook has to say about their 2022 plans. But just wait! And finally, once again congrats to BTS and ARMY on their great achievement at this year’s AMAs