The Reason Why Jungkook Chose To Raise Both Paeng And Song Instead Of Raising One


A New Year’s Day like today is really a great time to relax with family. Jungkook too, it’s been a long time since he had time to enjoy a vacation with his family and dogs. Recently, Jungkook posted on Instagram pictures of two new puppies and ARMYs were naturally curious about these puppies and discovered somєthing very sweet about them.

Since Jungkook owns Instagram, ARMYs are even more excited because from now on, they will be able to see more of the photos Jungkook posts because he rarely posts on social media. Today, on New Year’s Day, Jungkook posted a lot of pictures of himself at home and with his adorable puppies.

Specifically, according to the caption on Jungkook’s post, the two dogs are named Paeng and Song and they are Bam’s brother – the dog that has broken the hearts of many ARMYs in the past In The Soop season 2. Two wḧïẗe puppies of the ιтαℓιαи Gray hound breed. According to ARMY’s research, this breed is recommended to be raised in pairs and Jungkook actually raised two dogs so that they can live happily and healthily. Jungkook is really a dad who really cares about his dogs.

After Bam aired with BTS in In The Soop, Jungkook was also praised for taking care of Bam and letting Bam have a happy life. Besides, Jungkook didn’t cut Bam’s ears like people do with Bam’s dog breed. This shows how much Jungkook’s heart loves his dogs.

Jungkook even created Instagram highlights for two dogs Paeng and Song. Before that, Jungkook also uploaded a photo of Bam and created a story highlight for this lovely puppy

Up to now, Jungkook has fathered 4 adorable puppies Gureum, Bam, Paeng and Song and he has shown his love to them many times. Jungkook really loves pets and it makes our hearts melt.