The Story Of An 8-YO Boy Wishing That Santa Could Bring Jungkook To His Mom Appeared On A Popular TV Channel


Have ARMYs chosen your favorite gift this Christmas? What do you wish for this Christmas night? If you have not yet chosen the gift you want Santa Claus to give you, you can refer to the idea of an 8-year-old baby with a wish for his mother below. Perhaps this is a good suggestion for those who are biased Jungkook in particular and love BTS in general!

It is not difficult to realize how much love for Jungkook from fans is. And of course, his popularity is not only limited to female fans but also to the people around him. Here is a funny and cute story of a baby whose mother is an ARMY bias Jungkook. This story will make you laugh but also nod in agreement that this is a great choice.

Yesterday, on his personal twitter account, Mr. Matoko Rich, Tokyo Bureau Chief For The New York Times, posted a photo taken from a TV show in jαpαn. The photo is special in that it is a handwritten letter in jαpαnese from an 8-year-old boy. In the letter the boy wrote:

“Hayarukon sent a letter to Santa

Santa-san, please bring Jungkook to my mother.”

The boy in the letter sent a wish that Santa Claus would bring Jungkook to his mother. And we can also guess how much the boy’s mother must have loved Jungkook for the boy to give up all his wishes and expect Santa to do this to his mother. What a great guy!

ARMYs, after seeing this photo, were extremely excited and left comments:

– LOL, bring to his mother, how about your father, dear?

– So cute, it is all i want for Xmas too

Please bring him to me too

– Sorry dear, Santa Claus will bring him to me, it is also good for your dad

– How about your dad, baby?

– So adorable letter!

– A little ARMY boy here

– She has a cute boy

– New ideas for this Christmas

That must be a great idea for a Christmas gift, right? And you? Who will you choose to expect Santa to bring you, or all 7 boys? Let’s write a letter!