There’s A Short Video Of Jin Trending On Tik Tok That’s Driving ARMYs Crazy


Recently Jin won the title of “Best Sculpted Face In The World” with his genius beauty. And that same face once again made the online community excited when sharing a short clip on TikTok attracting attention due to his handsome and cool appearance. If you have such a boyfriend in real life, you will want to hide him for the rest of your life!

Recently on the social network Tiktok, a short video was put together by an ARMY. The clip on Tiktok has the opening with a girl trying on sparkling earrings and turning to ask someone: “Oppa, Can I buy it?”. And the next part after that is what makes netizens extremely excited.

It’s a picture of Jin sitting with the BTS members and he nods as if to let his girlfriend buy those earrings while his aura is so cool. Even his hair was pulled up to show off his beauty. Everything was perfect. Looking closely at this video, you can see why this video has garnered so much attention!

This clip of Jin was originally from a BTS livestream after their victory at the 2021 AMAs. The members sat down and celebrated with ARMYs around the world. But until the above tiktok clip appeared and zoomed in on Jin, it made his beauty and aura even stronger.

This short clip is making thousands, if not millions, of fans’ hearts flutter as they fall in love with their idols more deeply. The video was also shared on a kσrєαn online community, where kσrєαn fans also shared their reactions to it. Here are some comments on the video

– “Omg, my heart is beating so hard,”

– “When he has that cool look, it drives me мα∂,”

– “I thought he was just cute but he’s so ѕєху,”

– “This is making me crazy,”

– “He’s making my heart flutter,”

– “He’s making my heart flutter,”

– “He’s driving me nuts. lol.”

– “He sometimes has those moments where he’s so incredibly sєхy that fans go absolutely crazy.”

– “I go crazy for Jin’s slicked back hair cool sєхy guy concept.”

“Why does he look ѕєхιєя in every day life?”

– “It’s a ¢яιмє to look that good!