Today The Amendment To Military Service Act Regarding BTS Discussed By Korea Government But Just…


As previously reported on the bill amending the Military Service Act related to BTS’s rights and obligations, after the announcement of the Grammy award, the law continued to be discussed in this morning’s working session of The ḳöŕệän National Assembly. The goal of National Defense Commission officials is to reach a conclusion that allows national prestigeenhanced pop culture artists to substitute for military service by volunteering instead of entering the country. military service, but the result has not been decided yet.

In the past time, the issue of BTS’s enlistment has received the attention of many people. Because it concerns the bill to amend the Military Service Act. This amendment allows Kpop super stars with great contribution to the enhancement of the national brand and the promotion of national culture like BTS are eligible for exemption or postponement of military service. If this bill is pαssed, pop culture stars like BTS will be able to replace military service with volunteer activities.

Several officials at the meeting voiced that giving them the privilege in the military service in a special way makes sense considering the huge economic effect BTS is creating. Officials also argue that the current special system of only allowing substitutes for winners of certain domestic and foreign art competitions or Olympic and Asian Games medalists is unfair. Some also criticized the Ministry of National Defense and the Military Manpower Administration that they are delaying their accountability to Congress and not doing a future review to improve the system.

However, in the face of sensitive public opinion on the issue of military service, the majority of opinions believe that a more in-depth discussion has not yet reached a solution. An official from the National Defense Commission said in a phone call after the meeting called on the same day, “There have been conflicting opinions regardless of the ruling party and the opposition party.”

Secretary-General Choi Kwang-ho, who is optimistic about the pαssage of the draft amendment to the Military Service Act, said, “The state should look at the people’s laws and public opinion, but it is also necessary to think about the national interest. It is an era where even the capabilities of companies are shown. The K-pop industry has a cultural characteristic that the product period disappears for a certain period of time”. He continued, “Of course, all of these characteristics should be exempted, but that’s not the case. In the case of BTS, it’s because it’s beneficial to the country and it’s performance is judged to be exceptionally high. That’s what I’m talking about,” he said.

On the November 22nd, BTS wrote a new history in the ḳöŕệän music industry by receiving the ‘Grand Prize’ at the ‘2021 a̾m̾e̾r̾i̾c̾an Music Awards’, an awards ceremony called the top three a̾m̾e̾r̾i̾c̾an music awards. Morover, in the new announcement of Grammy about the nominee for Grammy’s Award, BTS also has a nomination for Best pop/duo group performance. The positive impact and the affect of BTS outside ḳöŕệä has increased the ḳöŕệä’s position in the world, boosts the soft power of ḳöŕệä and it has been recognized by the ḳöŕệä President Moon Jae In.