Top 10 Kpop Male Idols With Their Handsome Bare Faces Breaking Fan’s Heart


Not only female stars, but many male idols also make fans “faint up and down” when barefaced. K-pop male idols are often known for their outstanding and perfect visuals every time they appear on screen. However, when taking off the sophisticated makeup, not everyone can keep the “extreme” beauty. Many кσяєαn stars also reveal their bare faces that make their appearance less beautiful. But fans are still crazy with this and even loves them more in normal life

The below is top 10 Male Idols With Their Handsome Bare Faces chosen by Kpop fans:

10. NCT Jaehyun

Jae Hyun is often likened by fans to a prince coming out of a comic because he is so perfect. When participating in the reality show, he played water games and showed off his flawless skin. Jaehyun’s sharp lines and handsome face make him confident even without makeup.

09. EXO Baekhyun

Baekhyun (EXO) is famous for his innocent face and perfect baby skin. Whenever he doesn’t wear makeup, he exudes a gentle, warm and friendly boyfriend aura. Skin without makeup also makes Baekhyun show off his natural beauty and inherently blemish-free skin.

08. TXT Yeonjun

Yeonjun is known for his masculine face, delicate lines and high nose bridge that makes girls jealous. But besides that, his bare face skin is also a remarkable thing. The smooth, white and healthy skin makes Yeonjun’s face still handsome even when he doesn’t wear makeup.

07. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

On stage, G-Dragon is a model of idol that converges both talent and beauty, the idol of many other idols. However, the male idol shows a different side with a bare face.

The BIGBANG leader revealed his acne-prone skin and tired expression. Fans are sorry because this is often the result of a lot of makeup plus overwork. Even so, G-Dragon is still cool in even these less-than-perfect everyday images.

06. BTS Suga

Suga’s glowing skin is probably undisputed because even IU said that she wanted to learn his skin care secrets. White, flawless, and shiny skin is what makes many people jealous of Suga. Even if he has bare face, he is still beautiful with natural beauty and warmth.

05. V (BTS)

Owning a handsome face like a statue, V does not disappoint fans with his normal image. He is also very comfortable showing off his natural beauty to fans. The flawless wнιтe skin, high nose bridge and deep eyes of the BTS member make the girls jealous.

Compared to the image on the stage, V’s beauty is not much different when he has a bare face.

04. Sehun (EXO)

Since debut, Sehun has attracted attention with his rare “excellent” visual. He’s super cool on stage, but when he returns to normal life, he shows the true maknae inside him. Sehun’s beauty is still perfect even without a layer of makeup. From the angular chin to the glossy skin and the high nose bridge, all attracts the eye.

No filter, no makeup, Sehun shows o his “excellent” charm, shiny skin without acne.

03. Cha Eun Woo (Astro)

Named “face genius”, the bare face photos certainly do not make Cha Eun Woo less beautiful. Astro’s member surprised people many times with his surreal beauty even when he took off his makeup.

Cha Eun Woo shows off her perfect bare face after removing makeup and his skin is so glow.

The guy confidently did it in a vlog and also when recording outdoors. Many fans also admired his normal beauty, the makeup was just a highlight for Cha Eun Wo’s beauty.

02. Jungkook (BTS)

Whether or not using makeup layer, he still holds the spotlight in every place he appears thanks to his extreme beauty. The guy shows off his 100% bare face many times in front of the camera.

Even though he still shows puffiness under his big eyes, that doesn’t make Jungkook any less attractive. On the contrary, he brings a feeling of so friendly and young with these daily life images.

The wet hair and bare face make him more attractive.

01. Jin (BTS)

Looking at the oldest brother of BTS with a bare face, many fans thought that Jin had made up. The male idol shows off his natural beauty, from wнιтe skin, high nose bridge to red lips, soulful eyes.

Without a doubt, Jin’s looks have definitely reached the level of an actor. The Kpop megastar is really a God of Beauty, even with bare face or makeup, he still looks enviously handsome.

In particular, when his face is bare, Jin looks even more “boyfriend material”, close and strangely cute. However, he revealed his swollen eyes when he smiled.