Top 8 Skooslie Bathroom Ideas That You Never Seen


As with most things in a bus conversion, your skoolie bathroom is going to have to be well thought out. You’re going to have to take certain things into consideration like whether or not you want a shower, are you okay with a wet bath, or do you need a tub?

While we personally love our skoolie bathroom in our bus conversion, there are SO many more beautiful bathrooms throughout this amazing community. Scroll through, check them out, and find out if some of their designs may work for your skoolie bathroom inspiration.

The Rolling Travelers

Toilet: Derek and Leah use a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. They feel the toilet is most convenient for off-grid living as it allows you to go the longest time without dumping. It’s also plus that they don’t have to deal with dump stations!

#2.Simple Life Skoolie

Chelsea and Robert’s skoolie bathroom is beautiful, and not just for that tub! The tile work is so unique and unlike anything we’ve seen in other conversions. Who wouldn’t want to soak in here?!

#3.Sweet Sweet Bus Life

We LOVE how Anna and Jeff used their bathroom’s space. Wheel wells are some of the most difficult challenges when it comes to incorporating a bathroom into your bus. On top of that, it’s even more rare to find an actual sink! This bathroom is definitely something to awe at.

Toilet: They built their own toilet! They’d recommend a DIY setup because…well, it’s rewarding. There’s nothing quite like saying you built your own toilet.

Bathroom Style: The couple spent many hours designing their bathroom’s floor plan. They are a large family and wanted every square inch to be used. Additionally, they wanted their home to be as “house-like” as possible. With only one room, the family only sacrificed a little space but had a larger trade off.

Favorite Part About the Bathroom: The family loves that their shower roof is raised. It gives them just over 9′ from shower floor to ceiling. This is a great option for people wanting a taller shower but not wanting to go through an entire roof raise.

#4.Since We Woke Up

#5.Hippie Hustlin
Jeff and Yvonka’s skoolie bathroom has always been a favorite of mine, which is exactly why it had to be included in this list! I mean seriously…bathrooms in a house don’t even have all of these features. A bit bigger than most average skoolie bathrooms, Hippie Hustlin’s build features a cedar shower, bubbling bathtub, and toilet!

#6.Cecilia the Short Bus

We met Christa and Matt in Nevada back around March 2020. David and I both loved the simplicity and design of their bathroom. It goes to show that you don’t need a ton of extra wiggle room in your budget to add in a shower and toilet into your skoolie conversion!

#7.The Kastle on Wheels

Christa and Jeremy have one of the most beautiful bathrooms we’ve seen…especially for such a tiny space! Their tile and woodwork give this skoolie bathroom a cozy feel that’s perfect for their family!

Toilet: The family uses a classic Dometic RV toilet. If they were to do it again, they wouldn’t do a flushing toilet. Instead, they probably would’ve gone with a composting toilet. They feel as though the issues with their toilet just makes it way too frustrating to deal with!

Bathroom Style: Christa and Jeremy went with a “wet bath” shower concept. This has allowed them plenty of room for both kids in the shower without feeling crowded.

Favorite Part About the Bathroom: We absolutely love their wet bath shower setup! It’s a perfect way to get a toilet and shower into such a small space.

#8.Roaming Home

Toilet: The couple and their family use an Airhead composting toilet. They’d recommend this brand over Nature’s Head for a number of reasons. First of all, it has an actual toilet seat.

Unfortunately, they’ve had a few issues with plumping their liquids tank directly into their grey tank. Without those issues (which they think could be user error), they believe it was worth the money unless you have the time and resources to build your own toilet.

Bathroom Style: Sharel and Tyler’s bathroom is one of the more spacious skoolie bathrooms we’ve seen! It has tons of storage and shelf space that fits all of their necessities with an industrial farmhouse feel. Their tub is a bit smaller than they had originally planned, but it still does its job, even with 3 young children!