Top10 Best Kpop Male Dancers 2021 Have Been Published


K-Pop idols are among the most comprehensive artists in the global entertainment industry, with talent in singing, dancing, rapping, and producing as prerequisites for success. When it comes to choreography, it seems that there is no music that can be compared with Kpop idols. That’s why the Kpop Vote’s Best Kpop Male Dancer 2021 got a lot of attention from the public.

Kpop Vote is one of the famous voting sites of the Kpop fan community with many annual voting categories. Recently, this website has just announced the results of the poll…, looking for the champion – the male idol with the best choreography in 2021. Here are the Top 10 Best Kpop Male Dancers 2021 and the highest ranking belongs to…

10. NCT Jisung

Among the new generation idols, Jisung is considered to have extremely good dancing sкιℓℓs, every move of Jisung is meticulously calculated and perfect. Jisung is like a master, the male idol knows how to fill the stage with perfect dance moves, he always takes advantage of every moment on stage so as not to miss them.

09. Seventeen Hoshi

As one of the best choreographers in Seventeen, Hoshi also proves his superb choreography in the group’s songs and performances. Not only that, Hoshi also owns a solo song “Spider” with strong choreography and his own aura. There’s no genre that Hoshi can’t pull off with sheer smoothness, energetic, intense, and captivating dance moves.

08. NCT Taeyong

8th in the ranking is NCT’s main dancer – Taeyong. Not only does the dance moves perfectly, the male idol also knows how to show his personal style on stage without making the movements go wrong. Taeyong’s dance moves always match perfectly with the title song, whether it’s strong, sharp meloďïệs, or soft and lithe.

07. TXT Yeonjun

Yeonjun is considered an idol with innate dancing sкιℓℓs. The male idol who can successfully complete the solo dance can also quickly integrate with his teammates to create a harmonious performance. His movements are extremely steady, sharp and at the same time BigHit’s handsome man also cleverly integrates his own personality into each movement.

06. SHINee Taemin

One can easily recognize Taemin’s natural dancing talent just by his freestyles. Taemin’s dance moves are very smooth. He focused on the movements of his arms and legs instead of his torso. Therefore, Taemin’s legs created the sharpest and highest performing performances ever.

05. Stray Kids Lee Know

As a member of the dance-line (in charge of the choreography) of Stray Kids, Lee Know’s sкιℓℓs are recognized for his excellence in every detail. Not only is he good at dancing, but he is pαѕѕionate about choreography so in every step of his dance, we can see his energy and enthusiasm.

04. Stray Kids Hyunjin

Hyunjin is the second Stray Kids member to appear on the list. Hyunjin’s movements are decisive and flexible, but the factor that makes him famous is his extreme charisma. Hyunjin knows how to breathe life into each dance move so that it has his own unmistakable style

03. BTS Jungkook

Jungkook ranked 3rd in the rankings with performances that made the auďïệnce unable to stop screaming. His dance style is fast, powerful, suitable for powerful performances but not because of that, his movements become heavy. He moves neatly, decisively and beautifully and Jungkook can still create fluid, heart-fluttering performances.

02. BTS Jimin

Second in the ranking is Jimin with his characteristic being a knack for contemporary dance. Jimin’s dance moves are both flexible, elegant, masculine and powerful. Jimin had a good dance background when he attended Busan High School of Arts.

Not only that, but Jimin is also impressed with his ability to change facial expressions and charisma depending on each song, making his choreography even more attractive.

01. BTS j-hope

The 1st place of Best Kpop Male Dancer 2021 belongs to BTS j-hope. No one except j-hope is suitable for this positionand he totally deserves this title. This is also the title that Nubia magazine recently awarded to j-hope this year for his dedication on stage.

j-hope has attended dance academy since elementary school so he is fluent in most dance genres and can choreograph his own moves professionally. He is also the leader of the choreography recognized by all the members of BTS. Powerful dance moves, tough moves and artistic stages prove j-hope’s outstanding dancing talent.