Top 10 Male K-pop Idols Of The Year (King Of Kpop 2021) Announced By Nubia Magazine


2021 is a successful year for many male Kpop idols in particular and Kpop artists in general. Until then, Male K-pop Idol Of The Year Award (King Of K-pop 2021) in this year’s Global Nubia Awards (GNAs) 2021 has just been announced by Nubia magazine. Nubia Magazine has announced the top 10 Male K-pop Idol Of The Year and award winner with the title of King of K-pop. Here are the results:

The list of nominees for this award includes male Kpop idols who have had outstanding activities in the past year along with the number of votes from the public. The award winner is also the male K-pop idol who most deserves this award and receives the most votes from fans around the world. Here are the top 10 best male K-pop idols of the year and the highest place King Of Kpop 2021 goes to…

10. EXO’s Baekhyun

The first name in the top 10 is EXO’s Baekhyun. Baekhyun has had many solo activities with great achievements and he receives the love of many audiences around the world. Although Baekhyun is performing his military service and taking a break from artistic activities, his reputation still proves to be influential.

09. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo

One of the outstanding male Kpop idols is Astro’s Cha Eun Woo. Over the past year, Eun Woo has achieved many successes in the fields of film as well as music therefore we can’t deny his effort to be one of the most popular artist in Kpop.

08. BTS’s j-hope

With the growth of BTS, ranked at 8th place is our “King of Dance” j-hope. j-hope is praised for his dancing talent as well as for his and BTS’s contributions to the K-pop industry’s influence around the world. This year with many activities in music, politics and society, j-hope deserves the title Male K-pop Idol Of The Year.

07. GOT7’s Jackson

One of the most popular solo idols now calls the name of Jackson. Through this year, Jackson has had very dynamic solo activities, proving his talent. Jackson is also very successful as a coach of many idol casting programs, and demonstrates his experience as an famous idol.

06. BTS’s Jimin

In top 10 K-pop Idol Of The Year Award (King Of K-pop), Jimin holds 6th place with his dancing talent, angelic voice and handsome face creating global sensation. In the past year, Jimin has done his good job with BTS to make a huge positive effect in music, politics and social issues.

05. BTS’s Jungkook

King of Sold Out, BTS’s Golden Maknae – Jungkook ranked at the 5th place. Jungkook’s influence and popularity is undisputed as he holds many undefeated records in the media. Jungkook impresses with his genius vocal ability and amazing beauty, moreover, his special style and charm also makes ARMYs and non-fan fall in love too

04. EXO’s Sehun

One of the most prominent male Kpop male idols in Kpop, it is impossible not to mention Sehun. Sehun impresses with his talented choreography and dance moves that focus more on emotions. Sehun is also one of the most influential idols in the fashion industry.

03. BTS’s Suga

Suga ranked 3rd in the ranking. During the past year, in addition to promotional activities with BTS, Suga is also a hardworking producer with a series of famous songs. Not only that, the resonance from Suga’s mixtape D-2 also makes Suga’s name stand out in the male idol lineup.

02. SHINee’s Taemin

The past year can be said to be a successful year for Taemin with solo activities that have great influence and are well received by the public. Taemin is also the hardest-working member of the 2nd generation idols. Along with SHINee’s comeback on the music scene, it’s not hard to see Taemin’s influence ranked 2nd in the list by Nubia

01.BTS’s V

V of BTS was declared winner of the K-pop Idol Of The The Year Award (King Of K-pop) in the Global Nubia Awards (GNAs) 2021 event. Nubia Magazine described that: “The popular South кσяєαn singer and songwriter and member of the worldfamous music group BTS was voted by K-pop fans around the globe as the winner in this special category meant to recognise and celebrate the most outstanding and most influential male K-pop idol for the year. Taehyung received votes from a total of 103 countries worldwide, with votes coming from different parts of the world. Nubia Magazine has contacted Big Hit Music for the delivery of the award trophy.”

Although RM and Jin did not appear in the top 10 Male K-pop Idol Of The Year Award (King Of Kpop 2021), they both received a lot of public support and recognition. Hopefully in the coming years, all 7 members of BTS will be in the top 10 of this award