V Addresses Suing A Youtube Channel For Accusing Him Of Drinking, Causing Trouble And Affecting His Family And Friends


Since rising to become the famous superstars they are today, BTS has faced a lot of false rumors, яι∂ι¢υℓє αи∂ єνєи ¢υяѕєѕ. But neither ARMY nor BTS nor the management company have ever taken it easy on тσχι¢ individuals who fabricated BTS or ∂єfαмє∂ them. Recently a youtuber made up bad things about V and V saying that he will soon complete legal proceedings to ѕυє her for V himself and for ARMY.

If you’re an ARMY, you’re probably used to waking up every day with rumors and wrong information defaming BTS. And the first thing you do is report and send email to Big Hit and then let the law handle it. Big Hit as well as ARMY have dealt with people who are said to “αттα¢к” BTS in cyberspace many times and they have to pay the appropriate price. But it seems that many people are still not aware of the consequences of this when they continue to make up stories about BTS.

On December 20 KST, a fan posted about a Youtuber who spread malicious rumors about BTS, aespa, TXT, NCT, The Boyz, and more on Weverse. Specificially, the latest video of her is a video making up story about V that he drunk, caused some trouble, and even insulted V, his family and friends.

Specifically, a youtuber with a channel of more than 14.000 subscribers named Sojang uploaded a video that she cleverly cropped to make up stories about V. She said that V ∂яυик while uploading the video on Instagram even though the video was on his story before. V was totally a normal video after V woke up and he even went on Weverse and said he was going to shave because it was his last day in self-quarantine

The post received many reactions from other ARMYs, and even V also saw the post and personally responded with the intention to do some actions. V wrote in the comments, “Oh?!! I’ll proceed with lawsuits. I could earn some snack money. Mentioning my family and friends Bye~”

Then some ARMYs, worried that Taehyung would feel uncomfortable because of the video she posted, reäṩṩured him that: “Taehyung-ah please don’t mind such posts We’ll build a flower path for you ♡”

V next expressed his opinion that he thinks he should do som̾e̾t̾h ̾ing to stop people like her: “I just skimmed through and all artists, not just us, do not like people like him. All fans, ARMYs, may or may not have monitored him, but I will sue on behalf of those who got hurt but didn’t have enough courage.”

Moreover, this youtuber seems to know about V saying he’s going to ѕυє her but she doesn’t seem to notice and happily considers it a form of V helping her to become famous. She even commented under her video about welcoming new people to her youtube channel:

But no matter how happy she is, she will soon have to ѕυffєя the consequences for what she is doing because the law will always be on the side of righteous and kind people like V and ARMY. A few ARMYs have left comments hoping V can enjoy the holiday and don’t worry about it too much and let the law take care of it: “Taehyung-ah, they’re jealous because Bangtan is not only famous, has many fans, but is also very successful. So, you don’t care about them and let the law work with them. Just eat and sleep well today, okay?”. V also answered with a very relaxed attitude and he even compared himself as strong as his Suga hyung: “ay of course, my mental is more than you think for example it’s up to Suga’s level you know haha”

In addition, ARMYs also called each other to report the video of this youtube channel. Her attitude not only did not sincerely apologize and delete the video, but also extremely blatant and defiant. Hopefully she gets a summons from the pσlícє soon and pays a fair price for her actions! If you are an ARMY or an advocate of purity then please report this video to help ARMY and V!