V Asked ARMY To Edit HimTo Be Simpson And This Is What ARMY Did


Normally, BTS rarely asks ARMY to help them but usually if they ask for help, ARMY can help BTS do it easily. Recently, ARMYs received help from V to turn a drawing of him into a cartoon character that he loves so much. And guess what the outcome of this will be:

If you are an ARMY, you probably know that V is a big fan of the cartoon character named Simpson. Therefore, talented ARMYs have repeatedly drawn portraits of V into Simpson’s image and given it to him. V also absolutely loves those pictures and even posted it on Twitter and Weverse to show off ARMY’s talent and these amazing portraits.


Recently, it seems that V’s Simpson portrait collection doesn’t stop there when V himself posted on Weverse about hoping that some ARMY will help him paint his portrait as Simpson and he chose his recent Vogue shoot. V posted that: “By any chance, is there anybody who would make this into a Simpson”

And of course our talented ARMYs can’t refuse V’s request. Everyone has started to draw pictures from watercolor, from drawing on the computer to painting with oil… And the results sent back to V make us both amazed and also have many paintings that make us tired of laughing:

But special thing in this is that Taehyung could have asked any known artist to make the Simpson portraits for him but he always wants it to be made by his ARMYs. It’s probably because when it is made by ARMY it wasn’t just simply painted, it’ll be made with their love, passion as artists, and sincerity. It’s also a way to cheer talented ARMYs and kinda promote them. He always value things that was given to him by his ARMYs. As always, V always gives a lot of love to ARMY and appreciates what ARMYs give him. Even before that, he went to the place where ARMYs held a birthday event for him and took photos and videos.