V Suddenly Remembers He Has A Work With Jungkook When He Saw And RepliedTo A Fanart On Weverse


A few hours ago, V and j-hope returned from a few days in LA enjoying their vacation. As soon as they returned, the members went to Weverse and interacted with ARMY. In particular, V shared with ARMY a photo while on vacation in Hawaii and took a moment to answer ARMY’s questions. In particular, V also revealed about soṃệẗḧing he was planning to do with Jungkook but it seems he had to reschedule after seeing a suggestion from a fan.

According to Big Hit’s previous announcement, BTS is taking time for their second long vacation in their career with their family. This holiday seems to be agreed by BTS and the company as they have to self-quarantine for 10 days after returning from overseas schedules according to ḳöŕệän government regulations. Therefore, it can be said that from now until the end of Christmas, we will not have any official BTS schedule.

It is also because of this that it is difficult for members to return to ḳöŕệä like Jungkook and V to complete the gift they give to ARMY. Specifically, when answering under a fanart drawing of Jungkook and V very beautifully, V revealed to ARMY that: “More than that I mist work on the Christmas song but (I’m in) quarantine”. V left an other comment that showing his regret maybe ARMYs could listen to it next Christmas: “See you (about the song) on next year’s Christmas..”. V also felt a little bit sat that he had to leave the Christmas song that he and Jungkook can not be given to ARMYs soon. So it will take another 12 months before we can hear this song. A little regret, right?

V and Jungkook have been planning on making a fan song ever since they met ARMY at their last online pajamas party…

This is also what V revealed in a recent Vlive while sitting with Jungkook and Jimin after the PTD On Stage concert in LA. He once mentioned that they were making a Christmas song for ARMY. This song was prepared by V and Jungkook together for ARMY in this holiday season. And when he saw the fanart drawing the two of them, maybe V suddenly remembered his unfinished business with Jungkook.

Surely V would love to bring back a great song as a sweet and warm Christmas present for ARMY, but perhaps due to self-quarantine it was difficult for him and Jungkook to do so. But above all for their health and safety, we can still wait for that gift to arrive a little late, right? Surely it is!