Vogue Korea content director talks about BTS’s Jin being even more handsome in real-life and follows him on Instagram


#A few hours ago, BTS’s Jin blew up social media with his photoshoot for Vogue. His perfect facial features and a perceiving gaze create a powerful impression.

#BTS also gave an interview for the magazine.


The creative director of Vogue Korea Minji Kwon reposted Jin’s Instagram post from the Vogue account and captioned:

“Super nice interview. Looking even better in person.”

#After that, Minji Kwon also followed Jin on Instagram, and he is the only BTS member she is following.

#It’s unbelievable how every time someone meets Jin in real life, they always point out how much more beautiful he looks in real life.

#Jin’s modeling abilities and face seem to be standing out points for creative directors. For example, in July, the late Virgil Abloh (the founder of Off White and the artistic director of Louis Vuitton) selected Jin as the showstopper model for his Fall-Winter collection. He even reposted Jin’s photo to the Instagram story highlighting the member as the model that represents Louis Vuitton in a great way.